Music, SD cards, and file organization question

So, I want to put my ripped CDs on an SD card to use in the car. Easy enough to copy the songs from iTunes on my Mac Book, as it has a built-in SD card reader. I’ve created folders for each album and filled each folder with the tracks from the album. But it’s awkward having to manually create each album folder. When I just drag an album from iTunes, it doesn’t do anything but copy the associated tracks; it doesn’t create an album folder on its own.

Is there an easier way of doing this? That is, generating on the SD card something that parallels the album/song orientation in iTunes?

You could drag it from the actual music library folder on your PC. It should be organized /Artist/Album there.

The music isn’t on the PC it’s on my Mac. I can see if that works though.

Oops, completely glazed over that part. Should be the same.