Music that you listened to in College

the guy next door my freshman year would listen to “detachable penis” and “man in the box” endlessly

There seem to be a bunch of us who graduated in the 80’s but you guys aren’t linking.


Pop song Nemesis. “Oil &Gold” was a great album.

You can pick almost any song by The Smiths and put me right back in the middle of my morose, celibate college days.

I found listening to them less compelling when I started getting laid regularly, oddly enough. But damn if they didn’t have the best fucking bass lines of any 80s band.

Oh, god how I loved Oil & Gold. One of my all time favorite albums. Oddly enough, after 9/11, I started playing it again obsessively. The lyrics for just about every song seemed to nail my mood and the times we were in. But Oil & Gold, back when it was current, was actually pre-college for me. I was listening to that back when I was running around in the local music and club scene in DC and Northern Virginia. Heck, I remember dancing with my friends to “My Spine Is The Bassline” at Posers. Wow, what a long time ago that was.

The music I associate with college is mostly local bands in Richmond and some regional ones I knew from growing up around DC. I didn’t buy many mainstream albums and CDs in those days. Too much more interesting stuff going on every weekend with folks I knew.

Well those took me right back to high school, that’s for sure.

She totally wouldn’t go out with me and totally went out with that guy with the Robert Smith haircut and heaven knows I’m miserable know… er, where was I?

80’s King Crimson.

Peter Gabriel

Eno’s Pop stuff

Early Talking Heads

Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic

Kate Bush
(Bonus Placebo Cover!)

New Order

They Might be Giants

I loved the Smiths and I wasn’t even celibate, morose or gay. Do you know how many times I listened to “This Charming Man”? Do you know how gay I should be. They really were brilliant.

Future Sound of London - We Have Explosives

No video available: 7L & Esoteric - Be Alert

No video available: Meat Beat Manifesto - Acid Again

Not in a good way (I hated this song from hearing it 231289371928rd times, not that great to begin with): Darude - Sandstorm

Snoop - Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)

Roni Size - Watching Windows

Jurassic 5 - World of Entertainment (W.O.E.)

Konflict - Messiah (First song of this set)

No video available (not surprised): Hatiras - Spaced Invader (J Majik Remix)

Aceyalone - The Balance (Fan video)

Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat

Tool - Prison Sex

Oh and the entire movies: Flash Gordon (Soundtrack by Queen) and the Rocky Horror Picture Show (natch).

Placebo - Pure Morning

Mos Def - Ms Fat Booty

The Waterboys - Fisherman’s Blues
Goddamn I still love that song.

Ministry - Thieves presented to you in Legovision. LOOK AT ME I’M ANGRY AND DISENFRANCHISED!

Peter Gabriel - The Feeling Begins covered by somebody or other.
Passion is his best album.

I’m not going to link to YouTube. In college, I listened to Rage Against the Machine, Jethro Tull, Ministry, NIN, Metallica (older stuff), Bad Brains, wow…lots of stuff. I guess Ministry (So What? was like my anthem), Rage, and Bad Brains most remind me of college.

Jam Master Jay just rolled over.

Andrew, totally love your choices but would swap the songs.

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime

They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng

I could listen to Ana Ng forever.

For me college life was high school too, doing all that silly stuff when it’s legal is not so much fun:

Fine Young Cannibals:
Tone Loc:
Dee Lite:
ouch… Technotronic:

Sometimes girls dumped you…
Also for after getting the boot. This one is in Spanish, I don’t think this guy (Loquillo) sings this extremely non-PC song live anymore:

In retrospect the soundtrack of my mid and late teens is quite sucky.

FYC and Dee Lite were great when I was a little kid. You’re seriously outing yourself there as being an old fart. ;)

I was listening to your links and I realized I am fucking old. I don’t appreciate the godawful noise kids are listening to these days. “Turn down the racket, Kunikos, your Mom is trying to do the crossword puzzle.”

I’m still in my thirties yet I haven’t the slightest idea why “Snoop” is rich. He just sucks.

I don’t appreciate the godawful noise kids are listening to these days.

I feel pretty much the same way, but if I were my age in 1964 I’d probably be griping about those goddamn Beatles who need a haircut and how Sinatra is real music, etc.

I don’t want the world, I just want your half…

Dear God


Cuts You Up

Script for a Jester’s Tear

Still love that album :)

Songs that take me back to my university days would be if narrowed to 3:

  1. Enola Gay by OMD
  2. Our Lips are Sealed by the Go Gos
  3. Kiss Me by Stephen TinTin Duffy

But those are of the era. There are a few others through circumstance…

Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys was played incessantly by room mate in first year. It annoyed the hell out of me, and I would play Lene Lovich in retaliation.

Take Off from the Bob and Doug MacKenzie album was another song imbedded in my memory association with campus life as it was blasted at high volumes through the dorm.