Must be the water: JJ Abrams off Trek?

Just a rumor now but it appears to be gaining weight. Basically it appears JJ Abrams has been kicked off the next Star Trek movie. Sad since his take seemed the be the right one.

Hey, NOBODY knows more about quality filmmaking than movie studio executives who’ve never written a script or directed a film.

Oh well. It would’ve been interesting to see how how well JJ could have brought his signature feeling of “This is being made up as I am watching it” to Star Trek.

To be fair to JJ it’s not really his fault that he comes up with good premises that network execs then decide to repeat/stretch for as many years as possible. Both Alias and Lost could have been amazing shows if they had run over pre determined (preferably fairly short) time frames rather than being beaten to death.

I think Mission Impossible 3 could be laid at his feet, and that certainly had the same “nobody knows what’s going to happen next, even the director” feel.

Ultimately the best thing for Trek is to have nothing happen for another five years or so.

I have to say that I thought MI3 was the best of the bunch by a wide margin. Also, my understanding is that the Damien guy is the genius behind Lost, not Abrams.

hmmm not really. The only thing I really want is William Shatner to play Kirk one more time in a decent movie. Even in a cameo or flash back. That probably will not be possible in 5 years.

Be careful what you wish for…

And Happy 4000th Post! Make a wish!

I think he just did.

— Alan

Yeah, Lindeloff is the showrunner on Lost and has been almost from the start. Abrams has had very little to do with the show since about the first 1/3 of Season One.

So not since the show started down hill? ;)

I agree that Trek should be left alone for a while. Particularly after the last movie, which was so abominable that my Trekkie friends urged me not to go see it.