Must... Have.... BAR MONKEY!

I finished a project I will be showing off here in a day or so, but I saw this and thought of what I might build next.

I was hoping for something along the lines of the trunk monkey.

Well, the problem with the Bar Monkey from someone that work(ed) in factory automation is that the entire keyboard+mouse paradigm just isn’t tough enough. What you need to do is get a machine with a touchscreen and mount it in the bar or something so that it blends in.

If you want to be able to hose it down, make sure its NEMA 4X. Like, if you’re in a really, really good bar.

Wow, that apparatus sure sexes up a bar. Although, I like the embryonic stages of a Bartender Robot as pictured here. I’m waiting for future iterations, the ones that stare at your ID for five minutes even though you’re 32 fucking years old, and the ones that look like hot trashy females that make faces at you when you drunkenly, clumsily ask them out, and the Vegas edition that high-fives you when you get a royal flush on video poker in hopes you’ll tip them better even though they ignored you all night. You know, the comforts that extend beyond mere white plastic tubing and a monitor.

I don’t serve enough liquor anymore to keep 40 liters of drink ingredients around without spoilage. Ahh, the good ol’ days…