Must.. have.. Guitar.. Hero.. II

C’mon… c’mon… for the love of god, how much longer!

I’ve been waiting for this thing to come out for months… and now, every day time is slowing down. It’s like waiting for Christmas, times a thousand.

can’t I just stay and look at the sign a little longer?

I have to wait for the 360 version, and i dont even know when thats coming out, but i really, really am hoping its soon. Doubt it comes out before next Febuary though.

Apparently some Targets and Wal-Marts have been selling it. Might be worth a trip . . .

I already went to a local Target (it was on the way), and nothin’. They did have lots of copies of GH1, though.

I picked it up at Target today. :)

$49.99 for the game only version.

Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have pre-ordered!


who are you heckling?

Nobody. Freebird is an actual song in GH2.

$49.99 for the game only version.

I’d probably buy it because I’m an addict, but I need the version with the sweet Cherry Red SG to complete my home multiplayer experience. I own three, but I leave the other two guitars at work.

That’s another nice perk of GH2-- I hope a lot of people are tempted to get their second guitar when they buy the second game. As awesome as multi was in GH1, it’s way more awesomer in GH2. Co-op career, Co-op multi, classic multi, pro multi, plus the fact that you can play both bass and lead tracks for each song. Did I mention there’s a practice mode, finally?

Buy it.

The improved MP is a huge point for people who have 1 guitar that might otherwise have not bought the game+guitar.

I am in America right now (normally I am britland). There was a demo booth for GH2 at best buy. I did play it on the expert mode, and I did come up against the three fret chords. They weren’t as tough to take as I thought, and I’m not even the best GH player I know.

My friend wanted to vote on the 7th, and I reminded him that the 7th is Guitar Hero II’s release date (and also that as a convicted felon, he cannot vote). “Fuck the election.” he said, predictably. “I will kill anyone who votes instead of playing Guitar Hero 2”.

He didn’t say that last bit. Those are just words.

I made it through Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart, You Really Got Me, and War Pigs all on expert in Circuit City this week. I didn’t even have to star-power-cheese through the solo in Trippin! Then I tried Psychobilly Freakout, and learned that not knowing the songs is a big deal.

Psychobilly Freakout doesn’t get much easier when you know it. It’s pretty hairy on Expert.

Is it really in one of the first two groups of songs then, or are they just grouped that way in the demo I played?

Grouped that way for the demo.

Aye. In the full game it’s in the 7th of 8 groups. These are the last two groups (the final list was announced about a month ago)

  1. Furious Fretwork
    Anthrax - Madhouse
    Living End - Carry Me Home
    Lamb of God - Laid to Rest
    Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout
    Rush - YYZ

  2. Face-Melters
    Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot
    Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized
    Dick Dale - Misirlou
    Megadeth - Hangar 18
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

Megadeth - Hangar 18

I can’t wait to see how they handle the solos in this one. This one is hard in Real Life[tm] on guitar (I can barely play the inverted D chords on the first part of the song), and even hard on bass (where I can play most of it, all of it on a good day).

Awesome that they put Freebird in the last gorup.

review up at ign, 9.5. So now you have to hold down three buttons for some chords?

Ign said that the songs are overall harder on expert then they were in GH1. Also that somewhere people were able to beat Bark at the moon on expert 100% That doesn’t seem possible to me. Beating that song on expert is not happening for me at this point.

I’m hoping that the addition of the practice mode can help me get through some of the crazier stuff. I hated having to repeatedly blast through earlier parts of a song just to get a look at a later, more difficult part.