Must-have singleplayer UT2004 mods?

Was just wondering what’s out there in this realm that are MUST-haves…now that I have a system that can run the game at full :)

Check out the Make Something Unreal contest. Red Orchestra is multiplayer but amazing. There’s also a single player called Damnation (list here along with a bunch of others I haven’t tried. Think steampunk Civil War western with zombies and magic.

Dude, UT2004 is like… so 2004…

Play Lost Coast instead to check your card.

(I would also add vital info in my post but I abandoned my UT2004 before any single player mode worth downloading came out)


Can’t do Lost Coast–Steam is coming nowhere near my system.

good luck finding any warm bodies to play with. UT2004 has some of the best mods of any game currently out but absolutely no one is biting. You might get 3-4 full servers on RO on a weekend evening and thats about the most popular mod there is for the engine (unless you count the uber-speed sniper arena which is dominated by many 12 yr olds who will kill you before you can take 3 steps)

Note I said “singleplayer” mods :).

Two reasons I don’t play multiplayer. One, I’m stuck on a lousy 56K dialup. Two, I suck at the game–but I enjoy playing it. By playing SP I can get my fix against the bots and not get frustrated because I constantly get my ass kicked.

I thought Alien Swarm was also fun. It was a winner in the Make Something Unreal contest.

Check the UT2004/03 forum.

What ever happened to Out of Hell?


August 26/2005
Out Of Hell is nearing release, barring a few more map polishes and tweaks. Things are moving on scheduel, and you can check on screen updates in the forums!

Hope it’s not DOA

Nothing beats Morrowind for single-player mods right?

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Didn’t I read somewhere that Red Orchestra now has full bot support? If so, that would qualify as single player (as long as the bots don’t get stuck on the terrain like they do with Air Buccaneers).

All MP UT2004 technically have full bot support.

It’s got improved bot support, which means that there is actually some rudimentary pathing and the bots just don’t stand around waiting to be killed like a bunch of happy Nazi lobomites. That said, don’t expect them to put up much of a fight on most of the maps. While there are a few surprising exceptions, the bots are still generally very stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, RO is a great piece of work, and you can amuse yourself for an evening or two exploring the maps and dropping artillery on bots. Just don’t expect a rich single player experience.

ChaosUT is worth it for the proxy mines alone.