Must See TV?

What is the one show you just won’t miss, and why?

I have gotten into the Dead Zone, though the season 2 finale was kind of a disappointment. I like Hall as an actor, and the characters seem very believable to me. I liked the book, and didn’t know how it would play out as a series, but overall I have been pleasantly surprised.

I have the time and inclination for maybe one regular show every week. Right now it’s West Wing. Before that it was Homicide. These shows feature really good writing, interesting perspectives, and compelling characters.

Boomtown’s got me hooked. I usually try to make time every week to at least tape it.

Mine was Farscape, until the fuckwits at the Sci-Fi Channel pulled the plug on it before they could film its 5th (and final) season.


Pardon the Interruption

I’d say the Shield, but that’s only good for like 13 weeks out of the year. I make great pains to see Alias, Buffy and Angel as well. My VCR can get a pretty good work out, and I’ll find and download VCDs/SVCDs/Divx copies of anything I manage to miss.

The only thing I make time for on TV is 24 on tuesdays, South Park on wednesdays and The Simpsons, Oliver Beene and Malcom in the Middle on sundays.

Once you get a TiVo the question becomes kind of irrelevant.

I am with Union Carbide.

24 and The Simpsons or as my 2-year old calls it, “Hiiii Simpsimps.”

Mine says “Homa on!”
She also says “D’oh”… I sometimes fear I’m doing her irreparable harm but I’m lightning quick to change the channel at the first sign of “Itchy & Scratchy”.



The Simpsons and South Park.


and then 24 (minus Kim thread, well unless she’s in a shower or something)

24 - speaking of which - Roger you never provided the link to the newer site hosting the 24 episodes.

Sopranos and Six Feet Under. On network I don’t really have any must see shows. I love CSI and ER, but I regularly miss episodes without becoming upset. Although I am getting heavily addicted to the Daily Show again.

Ohhhh, Kingpin. I love that show, hopefully it comes back on the air someday.

The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm jump to the top of my priority list when they are in season. Whenever the hell that is.

Gilmore Girls.

Don’t laugh.

It’s first season was about as perfect and magical as any TV series has ever achieved (even more amazing that this was during the first season, when most shows are still finding their voices). Seasons 2 and 3 haven’t been anywhere up to par (the townies have sometimes veered toward caricature status, and Jess, in retrospect, feels like a mistake, thank god he’s leaving), but it’s still a pretty damn good show. Two gorgeous lead actresses, stellar supporting cast, sharp, witty scripts, and great musical taste.

No doubt, awesome show. I used to watch it pretty obsessively the first couple seasons but cooled off a bit.

Smallville was another show I really really liked for a while. But then I started noticing how most the episodes would have some scene with a cemetary and it started to bug me.

Curb Your Enthusiasm! I loved that show before our pirated cable got turned off! Is there a way to get it on the 'net like the other shows?