My bachelor party

I fuckin’ spent $120. That’s fuckin’ bullshitty-ass bullshit.

The strippers were actually much nicer than my friends.

That’s great.

Make friends with the strippers and dump your mates: you’ve just improved your lot in life! Invite the new strippers friends home to meet the little woman.

Oh how I miss that I have aged and now all the people I know that would have gotten married already have. I need to find a younger group of friends so I can horn in on some Bachelor party action. A drunken, stripper-filled night for $120 sounds like a bargain to me. CHeaper than my wife’s damn spa days.

YOur friends should have chipped in more, BTW. They suck.

Duderino, I don’t want to break your heart or nothin’, but the strippers weren’t being nice to you, they were being nice to your one hundred and twenty dollars. Have they call you to hang out and go drinking since then?

Your friends must really suck.

Actually, my friends were very nice. They all spent much, much more than $120.

And I didn’t know that it was possible to be that drunk.

What everyone wants to know is, of course, was a forehead dildo involved?

If you are up and functioning now, you must not have been “that” drunk.

I’m not sure that ‘functioning’ is the correct word what is going on with me right now.

I’m gonna go with “annoying.”


From now on I’ll make sure and run everything by you before I post.

WTF?? Did someone hack my account and post that, because I was nowhere near a computer or online at 12:05 pm today when that was posted. In fact, I just got back to my room from the Comic-Con for a little respite, and I’ve been out since 8 am this morning.

Heh. That’s annoying.

Do you take Ambien? That’s happened to me a few times…

That was me.

Uhhhhh…nothing to see here, folks. Move along now.

You had to pay for your bachelor party? That sucks.

why did you even bring money??? you should of just brought your license… that’s it!

$120 is nothing.

I shit hundreds. In Dirt’s mailbox.