My board game (Galactic Emperor) Goes Gold!

Well, I know there are at least a few boardgamers who hang out here, so indulge me for a moment of pride.

Our sci-fi, civilization-type board game Galactic Emperor has gone into production! It’s really, really going to be sweet. Linen finish on the board and the tiles. Large and supercool plastic ships with spiffy sort of retro Buck Rogers flair.

The game is for 3-6 players and lasts 90-120 minutes.

Galactic Emperor just became available for preorder. If you go to the Galactic Emperor news link on BoardGameGeek, you can get the code to save a few bucks off the MSRP $55. The deal lasts until the preorders hit 250. Link to deal:

This is not a “if we get enough preorders we’ll produce it” thing (such arrangements aren’t unusual in boardgaming). Galactic Emperor is in production now, it will hit your doorstep anywhere in the world in June. Actually it should be late May, but the official estimate is conservative.

The rules are available here: The rules are medium-weight and can be learned/taught in about 15 minutes or so.

The Galactic Emperor general game page on BGG is here:

Anyway, I’m psyched. I’ll get air-express copy a bit in advance, and it’ll be like Christmas morning.


Aside from the silly looking front box art, the game looks pretty cool.

I like the box art. Congrats!

If this is your first game, I’d be curious as to how you went about creating it (sudden inspiration? years of refining an ambiguous idea? Cardboard cutouts? etc), and the process of selling the idea to get it published.

Are you Adam West, runesword?

That hex map and the pieces look fantastic.

I almost, almost, almost put this in my kitchen this week, but it looked like a pain to install (mine would have been a tan/stone color):

Next time any of you boardgame geeks are in Home Depot swing by the ceramic tile section and check them out.

Hrm… has a very TI look to it from perusing the rules. May have to check it out further.

How long does this take to play for each number of players, and what’s the sweet spot for number of players?

Congrats, Adam, good luck with it.

EDIT: And Dan, too!

When does the computer version come out? :P


Adam’s the other one, but I (Dan) claim ownership as well.

I prefer 4 players, Adam likes 5. Game time estimates are imprecise (a couple analysis paralysis players really delay things). But based on a zillion playtests, and these parameters:

all players have played it at least once before
No AP types
No pizza/beer run/whatever breaks
Everyone is sober

GE is 90 minutes for 3 players, 120 minutes for 6.

I’m gonna check this out it looks good. Nice job on getting it made! It’s really difficult to get a game made if you’re not part of a big gaming company. Way to go. As soon as I get home i’m getting this puppy.

Okay, being the sucker I am for these kinds of board games, I pulled the trigger and ordered.

It had better be good. ;-)

will this game only be available through online stores?

Ordered, very cool, grats to you guys!!

It’s all that and a bag of chips!

Nope. We’re going full retail - in the States, we’ll be reaching about 2000 stores. In the UK, some hundred or so. And we’re still looking around the world.

It’s now available at our web site ( and will be available at various on-line retailers as soon as it arrives in our colossal warehouse and the CrossCut elves get it shipped out the door.


This looks super cool though. Gratz! I may order, but I just picked up the Railroad Tycoon and the new expansion and need to get some mileage out of that first.

I love the box art myself :).

About how this got done, I’ll be writing up a blow-by-blow account and posting on BGG and our web site soon. I’m waiting for the final shoe to drop so I can give a complete accounting. But the skinny is: about 18 months of sweat - most of which was play testing!

Galactic Emperor is distributed by Alliance in the US, which means your local game store can get GE if they like the cut of our jib. FKLM distributes it for the UK and a few Euro cities. People who ask for it in stores do us a huge favor.

We can’t go under MSRP from our online store once it releases, that’s all. That’s why the preorder period is a big deal in boardgaming.

I just noticed the news over on BGG. Congrats Adam and Dan, and here’s hoping you sell through the roof!

Sounds cool. I especially like the mechanic of the roles changing around - does it work something like Citadels? I especially love space strategy board games so I’ll probably be trying it out June. It looks like it might be easy enough to pick up and finish in a decent amount of time from what I’ve read so far. That is very good because I can rarely convince anyone to play Twilight Imperium with me. Off to read the pdf of the manual :)