My Boyfriend is the President!

Anyone else like Japanese eroge?

This is definitely a hardware issue… Try downloading the latest drivers…

My thought process:

1: What the fuck?

2: Why is this in Hardware?

3: That’s awesome!

4: Wait a minute, what’s Hillary doing in there? She couldn’t be the boyfriend, could she?

Fuck, too many tabs open. Meant to post this in GAMES.

It’s even more awesome in Hardware.

Anyone know what the system requirements are for this game?

  1. An absence of shame.

Why is this considered eroge? It doesn’t seem to have any erotic parts to it. Just like your mom. Hehe.

I see that Kim Jong-Il, and the Pope, are featured. I am trying to imagine how many Japanese girls fantasize about having one of those two for a boyfriend. Well, I guess there’s a fetish for everything… I wonder how they explain having the Pope as a boyfriend, though.

Take the Pope and remove all religious effect and pious meaning … so I guess his wardrobe?