My brand new computer is dead!

Argh! I had a Business Vista install that was working alright, until last night. E6600, Gigabyte 965P-Ds3 mobo, and 8800 320MB GTS (factory overclocked card) running with the 158.18 drivers. I had just installed ffdshow, and then went to the start menu to delete an old shortcut folder. Explorer kind of froze up and stopped refreshing the screen, which was surprising for vista, but I didn’t think much of it. So I decided to log off and restart. Now Vista won’t restart for me – I’d get that little nightrider progress bar, and then the screen will go black. I can still hear the hard drive churning (and it doesn’t stop), but as far as the display goes, nada.

Did the vista memory test, no errors. I can start safe mode fine. The event viewer gives me this error:

The COM+ Event System detected a bad return code during its
internal processing. HRESULT was 8007043c from line 45 of

  d:\vistartm\com\complus\src\events	ier1\eventsystemobj.cpp.

I rolled back the 158.18 driver in safe mode (back to the original windows driver), and I can restart windows afterwards, but when I install the recent driver again I get the same result. I reinstalled Vista, and I can boot up. Once I install the 158 driver it dies again. Is my video card gone?

The patch, is that a Vista patch or video card driver patch? If it’s the video card patch it might just not be Vista compatible, or something. Didn’t the videocard manufacturers have a lot of problems getting drivers out for the Vista beta? I’m not up on recent hardware stuff, so I’m probably wrong.

I didn’t install any patches, it was working for a week and then yesterday it just croaked. Been using the official vista drivers…

Possibly a failing video card, since it was working and just stopped with no changes on your part…

The embedded nVidia drivers Microsoft provides in Vista support the 8800 series? I thought they didn’t…