My Buddy Froomkin

Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post’s website has been a great source of information and commentary on what’s going on with this administration. Seems some folks aren’t too pleased with him. On Sunday a new Post omsbudsman, from a conservative midwestern paper, called him out as biased. The gates of hell swung wide as Froomkin readers responded. The John Harris, the national political editor for The Post chimed in with the idea that folks at The White House were confusing Froomkin’s analysis blog with actual White House pool reporting and it could confuse their poor, simple, readers in the public as well.

All this has led to a grand public spanking of The Post and Harris. A good summary with links is here but you really need to read the comments and responses to Harris and the omsbudsman to see how deep, how hostile and how well considered the public response has been. This is it. All the mistrust and skepticism of Washington insider, Miller and Woodward et al, journalism has welled up and spilled over.