My Cat's turn

Well, my little pal died today. Maeve was a good cat who showed up on my back doorstep about 5 years ago and just stayed. She developed diabetes earlier this year and then complications due to kidney failure and stomach cancer. I had her euthanized this morning; there just wasn’t anything left to her, and I only beat the reaper by a day or two, I think. I know, it’s a cat…but still.

Sorry for your loss.

She looks like a cute little cat.

fuck sake , what is with our cats this year. (mine’s fine touch wood)

I got a message from a mate earlier saying his cat was gone too… :cry:

I’m sorry dude, that’s just shit.

Awwww. I’m sorry.

Diabetes AND stomach cancer. Geez. Definitely was a nice looking cat. Mine is 16 years old now and pretty fine so far. Still, the inevitable is coming closer…

Dang. Sorry for your loss, man.
Sucks real bad.
The death of a beloved pet is never easy, and the heaviness of it is really understandable only by other pet owners.
My cat, PJ, has been with me for 11 years, and I’m hoping he’s going to hang around for a good long while still.



While I’m not a cat person, I’ve had (heck, still have) pets that I’m very attached to. So I sympathize. Sorry to hear about your loss.

And he was kind of cute…for a cat.

Damn sorry to hear that, Joe. :-(

I’m really sorry.

Sorry for your loss, Joe.

My condolences, Joe.

Your cat just turned up eh? Do you have any others or was it just a random decision to let the cat stay around?

Sorry for your loss. We have three cats in our household. The youngest is 10 1/2 years old. I keep waiting for one to get sick or show some sign of old age, but they keep purring right along.


Sorry for your loss. We have 3 cats. The youngest is 2 and the two old guys are 16.

Sympathies from me as well. My dog Bandit (Siberian Husky) just turned eight on May 1 so I’m thinking of the pet mortality thing, too. It’s such a sad thing. They’re such great friends and they just aren’t with us long enough.

My sincerest condolences. I’ve lost a lot of pets and it always seems to get harder.

She went stray, we think because her previous owner dumped her. She was out back for a few days and took to hanging out in my yard because it had a fence to protect her from the neighborhood dogs. I started feeding her after a couple days, then let her inside. She’d had enough of the “great outdoors” by then, and never voluntarily left the house again.

She was my only pet (except for fish). Now it’s just me rattling around in my townhouse :(

Thanks, all, for the condolences. I appreciate them.

Cute cat, Joe. Sorry for the loss.

That’s worse - I’ve always been used to have multiple cats around the house.