My Christmas Wish

I wish that Nintendo (or the appropriate developer) would add Wii Remote support for at least some of the Gamecube’s library. I would like, for example, to play through Wind Waker again using the same control scheme as is in Twilight Princess - and a game like Resident Evil 4 just screams and begs for Wii Remote functionality. It really is the perfect game for it…the control scheme is already there, just replace thumbstick aiming with the Wii pointer and you’re there.

My wish is for everyone at Quarter to Three forums to stop abusing each other and just be happy. However, I think your wish is more attainable. ;-)

I could see them doing “re-makes” of some popular Gamecube games to use the Wii controlller format and maybe selling a compilation disc or two of them labeled “Gamecube for Wii.” Or else perhaps through the Wii’s online library (I’m not up enough on the information to know if they’re making Gamecube library available that way or just the older formats).

Apparently he don’t know us very well, do he.

The whole point of QT3 is the drama. Or so it appears.