My Creepy Comic Book Debut!

I haven’t said much about it publicly, but I’ve been working on breaking into the comic book industry as a writer for the last few years.

Recently I got a story into the new Creepy magazine, and they liked it so much they made it the very first original story in two decades or so. It’s a big honor for me, and I’m very excited.

That also means the story is premiering in Dark Horse Presents before it appears in the first issue of the new magazine, so you can go read it online here.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

And yes, there’s more stuff coming.
And if you’re a publisher, I’m available for work.

Congrats! Getting published is an amazing accomplishment by itself.

Cool! I didn’t know there was a new Creepy.

Great story, Andrew! Now you’ve made me suspicious of anyone who starts one of those cute animal threads. (RIMBO.)

Hey man that’s incredible. Good for you, really. It’s incredible to pursue a dream, noble in its pursuit, and fantastic that you made it this far! Keep it up. Are you able to survive on the pay so far?

Pretty creepy. Congratulations!

Gratz, man – great stuff :)

Grats man. :)

om nom nom nom

Not a chance.

Being a comic writer is like dropping pennies into a bank account and hoping that one day you can live on the interest. Or you go write for Marvel.

Congrats : )

P.S. Congratulations, Andrew!!! I enjoyed the story, too. :)

Thanks everybody!

There will be more to come.

Yeah, very creepy Tales From The Crypt concept, and the illustrations really brought it to life. The artist you chose really draws gross stuff well. :)

The big reveal was well done, too. Nice little Halloween tale.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen a creepy in years and years, loved them back in the day though.

Congratulations, looking forward to reading it after work.

Congrats, Andrew! That’s a very solidly constructed eight-pager you’ve got there. Looking forward to seeing more!!

Classic pulp horror, man. Good stuff.

Great stuff. Had more of a Tales from the Crypt vibe than the Creepy I remember, but it’s been a looooong time since I read Creepy. I may be putting too fine a distinction between them. I just noticed that trades of old Creepy and Eerie mags have been solicited, I might need to check it out.

Let us know when more of your stories hit the street, whether free or at retail.

Well don’t quit your day job then, hah!

No seriously, really awesome man.


But awesome story anyways, and big congrats to you!!