My favorite show of the the 2017 fall season: "I <3 You America"


Not sure what I was expecting with this show. Sarah Silverman’s comedy runs hot and cold for me, but I think she’s clearly talented at what she does, even if that’s sometimes not my thing.

And the first episode of this show is a little rough. There’s a little too much try-hard going on with it, even though you can sense a sort of sweetness at its core.

But since then, holy shit has this hit stride. The show is maybe the sweetest, most hopeful thing I watch in any given week. Yeah, that’s right. “sweet” and “hopeful”. Definitely not what I expected. And, very often it is laugh out loud funny too, which helps. It seems to have found itself a voice and a style that she feels comfortable in, and it’s just massively entertaining.

Anyone else watching? (It’s HULU only.)


Do they still show ads on Hulu?


It depends on which tier you pay for. I always opt for the ad-free tier, which is $12 a month. The one with ads is $8 a month, I believe, or maybe $7, I forget. The ad-free tier is totally worth it.

Currently I’m unsubscribed though. I was thinking of re-upping in December though, and triggercut’s recommendation of this show just pushes me into it even more.


Here’s an example of what I love about the show. Sarah Silverman goes to Nashville to write a country western song with an award-winning songwriter.

So yeah, you think you know how that’s going to play out and what the gag is going to be, and for the first half of the video, she totally feeds that expectation.

And then…well. Just watch.


That was great – I’ll have to start recording the show.


She also has comedian friends of hers–Tig Notaro among others–do their own remote location filmed bits.

This is the one that aired on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s just really understated and wonderful.


“What is it you think the Jews hate about Christmas? Is it the giant spike in retail?”


And cancelled after 2 seasons by Hulu. Ah well.


Awww dammit. I really love Sarah and this show.


Me too. Except when she had the two naked audience members. I didn’t like that at all.


That was weird. And something they happily seemed to quickly abandon.