My first flash site

Tonight I’m just about finshed with my first flash site. Which was the final project in my class. I just have some issues with words showing up to iron out before I hand it in. It’s a scene in my room with various clickable objects. And a small video of myself playing on the tv.

It was a pretty big pain to get done. Alot of the colors I did thru the color mixer to create custom colors. But the end project looks pretty cool. It is pretty cool to work with flash, compared to coding in C++ and Visual Basic.

Where’s the link?

It’s not online sadly, I’m going to have see on Wednesday how to set it up for that. I have all the .swf files in my email folder.

I found the one Flash class that I took very effective in demonstrating to me that I never wanted to have anything to do with Flash, ever again.

I just showed my project in front of the class. They said it was really creative. Best part is that the teacher handed out burnt copies of flash 8.

Upload this to the Intarnet already!