My First Wii Rant

What twat came up with the idea of giving you points when you register nintendo wii stuff, telling you you can turn points into different points that you can use on the wii to get stuff that should have been included in the first place like the internet channel and then make the “cards” that let you convert intial points into other points be on some kind of random time limit thing so you have to keep hitting refresh every 20 minutes on the off chance that this time you’ll be able to jump through this pointless fucking hoop.

I’ve got enough intial points to get enough other points to get the internet channel but I’ve now been fucking around hitting refresh for 2 days trying to get a card thing to show up. 200 cards that give 100 other points show up so, noticing that they cost the same in original points as the cards that give 500 other points I think I’ll just get 5 of those. Oh no, you can only have one fucking card per bastard day so it’s now going to take me a minimum of 3 more bloody days to get the points converted.

I though Apple were a bunch of cunts for charging extra for Itouch software that should have been on the thing in the first place but while they charged a small fucking fortune at least they made it possible to get hold of the bloody thing. Yes I know I could just buy more other points direct, but I don’t want to, I’ve got enough intial/other points to get the one thing I currently want and if something good comes out later that I must have I’ll get the credit card out then.

Points you can change for free stuff is all well and good and was almost fun for a bit, but it’s no bastard use if you can’t get the stuff that your points supposedly entitle you to. I just spent £400 on your console and a bunch of games and the extra controller that must be made out of solid gold given the price of the thing, the least you could do is let me have my 500 other points and give me the sodding internet channel which no doubt is a pile of shit anyway and still wont make it any easier to get my wii to talk to anyone elses.


Still love playing games on it though.

Be happy you get points for registering stuff at all. In many countries (for example all the Scandinavian countries), you get zip.

is there going to be a 2nd rant??

I’d like to add my own:


How am I expected to keep buying things from you if you only give me room for one smash brothers save and 7 VC titles? Do you really expect me to shuffle all of my VC/WiiWare games onto and off of an SD card (that takes 5-10 minutes per transfer) every time I want to play a downloaded game?

Wait, they are making you pay for the internet channel??

Wow, that sucks, I got it for free.

Technically no they’re not, see original rant

  	 		is there going to be a 2nd rant??

Almost certainly. I cant make a Mac work, what chance do I have with a Wii?


At least you’re not complaining about how the High Def sucks!

paying for teh intarwebs sucks yea :/ and i agree on the points thing its obscure and obtuse.

What really sucks is that the internet channel was actually useful when they first released it, but they don’t update it. It only supports Flash 7, and that used to be fine when it first came out. But now, nearly every site I try to watch videos on requires Flash 8, including Youtube, which used to work fine.

Am I missing something? Does anyone know if there’s a way to update the version of Flash in the Opera browser on the Wii? Or do we just have to wait until Nintendo gets around to updating the internet channel?

I think there was an update to the Internet channel. Go back to the Wii store, in the section that lists your previously downloaded stuff, and it might be flagged with some kind of ‘Updated!’ marker and you can redownload it. I think it’s still only Flash 7, but some people seem to be able to use Youtube anyway (edit: though I’m not sure exactly when that switch happened).

You can’t play downloaded games directly from SD card?

Ouch. That’s a feature they really need to add.