My Friend the Chinese Gold Farmer (WoW)

Recently on Hellscream I joined a newly formed guild that was recruiting tons of people in order to fill out their ranks. I had just returned from a long hiatus and did not have a guild on the server, so I agreed to join. As it turns out, one of the other people included in the mass invite was a young guy from China who works for a powerlevelling and gold farming service. Our first clue was when he said, “You are using our service solicit gold and powerlevelling, you will feel the satisfaction, email@address,” in guild chat.

So naturally, he and I become fast friends, I take him to all the quest areas that he cannot find and badger him into accepting the Wanted: Arnak Grimtotem quest that he keeps declining even though we are only 200 yards away from him. He tries to sell me gold a lot, and uses the word tribute in new and fascinating ways that I had not believed possible, but he loots like a gentleman and a scholar, and he doesn’t flake on quests.

This is in contrast to the other players I encountered that day, one was a troll shaman who on two separate occasions asked to group for quests, got me to help him do a quest only he had, and then logged out, and another guildmate who spent most of the night rephrasing a profanity laden invective directed at warlocks who would not drop everything to summon him. Apparently being solo in Highperch is not a good excuse, because it was mine.

I will be sad when he reaches level 60 and the character is transferred to someone else.

that’s really interesting… I always sort of assumed the gold farmers had guilds of their own since it seems like it would be much less efficient to go it solo…

The standard practice on Tichondrius is to make a joke guild, /ginvite farmers to it, and then leave the guild. You see a lot of farmers in guilds like “<(someone’s name) is cool imo>” or the questionable “<Me Farm Crystal Long Time>”.

They are actually nice people. I think the language barrier can increase the politeness factor, which is a plus. It’s weird to think that you are playing with someone who is at work and that’s what they are supposed to be doing. It would be like if posting here was my job. (Mostly I advise people that adultery laws are no longer enforced and post at the same time.)

I hope the guy who bought the level 60 stays in my guild so I can tell him how old ??? was so much cooler.

What I can’t wait to find out is, do farmers do their own raids?

That would be a great raid. Everyone rolls!

Probably the only time the system is used as intended.

Speaking from my own experiences…some of them are nice I am sure. Some of them are fucking cocks. Most of them, who knows because they can not communicate effectively in English.


Bought a 16-slot from a suspected farmer using a level 1 alt last night for 5g. Quite abrupt, and used unusual turns of phrases such as ‘you buy?’, ‘how many bag you want?’, ‘want more bag?’

I realised that for a 16-slot traveler’s backpack at 5g, I’d put up with a lot of bad grammar.

I’ve gotten some stupidly good deals from people who obviously don’t use english as their first language when trading - add me to the “put up with bad grammar for a good deal group” too :)

I had 2 memorable experiences with farmers when I played on a pvp server:

  1. I had recently gotten exalted with Alterac Valley, so I was saving up gold to buy the epic frostwolf mount. Being a pvp server, it was tough to find fairly convenient and undisturbed gold farming locations, so I decided on the (then) desolate Silithus. Old Silithus was a very empty place. Few quests, no Cenarion Hold, and otherwise not much to do. The Twilight Hammer mobs, however, dropped decent enough money and gold, so I decided to camp them over the course of a few weeks.

I chose the Twilight Hammer camp to the far south, away from pretty much everything of interest (aside from the large, if then useless, Scarab Wall). Sure enough, there was a female Night Elf Rogue making the rounds at the camp. Her lousy equipment, bizarre name, and a Borg-like fearlessness of my lurking presence were tell-tale signs of a gold farmer. Now, I don’t like farmers as a rule, but since I was in the same boat as her (him!) in this need for gold, I decided to make peace and farm the opposite side of the camp.

It was a strange relationship. She (He!) never attacked me, obviously, but would sometimes lend a hand if I pulled more than I could handle. One time, a rival Paladin farmer moved into the camp, and immediately engaged upon spotting me. After the usual long, drawn out fight, I dispatched the Paladin, much to the cheers and smiles of the Rogue. When I resumed pulling mobs, the Rogue actually jumped in and helped me kill 2-3 quickly, which I presume was a gesture of thanks for keeping the Paladin away.

  1. Tyr’s Hand, or Chinatown as we called it, was where one went farmer hunting. On my server, the whole area was awash with Alliance Rogues and Mages, all of them farmers. They were there day and night, and could always be counted on when you needed to unwind and take a break. It was a popular pastime for Horde guilds to raid Tyr’s Hand and wipe out the plague of farmers.

And by raid, I mean a group of 3-5. That was the most amazing part of the experience. Our equipment was so vastly superior to theirs that we were knights amongst peasants. Even on a mediocre attempt, our group of 5 would down at least 15 farmers. I felt like Conan the Barbarian, cleaving through the masses of farmers and crying out “Crom!!”. Was it kinda petty? Sure, I suppose, but I can’t deny that I enjoyed having a small army of dead Night Elf rogues lying at my feet, and roaring to the heavens in triumph.

…and old Chen returned to his small apartment, dejected. Someone in a rich capitalist country had thought it worth his time to crush Chen’s chances to cobble a little something extra for little Ming’s birthday.

I hope that was a joke. I’m not about to feel sympathy because people are being thwarted in their attempts to subvert a game to make a buck.

You are right to feel no sympathy. I know this Chen fellow, and he’s using the WoW money to chase the dragon.

That means opium!!!