My Gmail account is suddenly getting a lot of spam

Is it just me, or is it everybody? I’m getting hammered with it.

Just you.

Also mark as spam, the gmail filters should catch on if you do this enough.

Stop surfing porn.

I’m getting a ton of spam, which is all getting dumped straight into the “spam” folder. The filters have been pretty good.

  • Alan

Late one night I recently went to and registered so I could download Open Office. After registering and getting to the download page I was told I had to pay $45 to download the program. This confused me because my prior downloads had all been free, and paying for the software sort of defeats the purpose of the open source program to me… soo… Turns out I was a dork and went to some to some phishing site ( is obviously not the same as

I didn’t pay for the program, but now I get like 5 spam emails every day to my gmail account related to the mistake of registering here. I haven’t tried unregistering through links at the bottom of the email… I’m paranoid they’d go even crazier when they realize it’s a working email address.

The site has since changed, but for a while there is was a dead ringer for

gmail knows this stuff is spam the second it arrives, I just wish I knew how to tell the thing to delete the emails upon arrival instead of sticking them in a spam folder to taunt me. They all come from different domains and stuff though. but google spots them.

Stop using your gmail address when you purchase items online. Seriously most of the spam I get is from mail lists being sold by companies I do transactions with.

Create a hotmail account for that or something.

Yes, but it’s successfully marked as spam. But the volume has substantially increased the last few months. Dunno what’s up.

I’m getting spam on my gmail account that is getting through. Only three this week, but that’s three more than I got in the last twelve months.

This thread makes me laugh. Then cry. I get about 5000 spam emails a month.

I’m usually around 10k/month; however, I’ve been using the same email address since 1996 (and used it openly on usenet back before spam was really a problem – ie, I’m on a lot of lists at this point).

My remailer service ( catches 80-90% of 'em, and gmail nails 98% of the remainder. A hundred or two still get through each month, though.

I think the above is a you problem. :)