My god, Fusion: Genesis is full of stuff you won't understand

Title My god, Fusion: Genesis is full of stuff you won't understand
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When November 15, 2011

I started playing this game on a dare. "Hey, Tom," I said to myself, "I dare you to play whatever this Fusion: Genesis thing is that Microsoft just sent you. If only to see what kind of game it is..

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I was expecting more hand-holding from the typical tutorial missions, and was happy to not have to suffer through them. There's a lot to be said for a game that allows you to explore and discover the mechanics of how to play on your own. The game really ought to parcel its options out however, the amount of sheer stuff it front loads is overwhelming.

Sounds like a fun game. But it's not on PC, so as the Robin Hood men in tights announcer said: "The rest of you can BUGGER OFF!".

I think most of it is self explanitory. If u have ever played a space game b4. Though its true they could use a lot more explinationan, they show u everything u need to kno to enjoy the game.

For everything else, u just have to find a good guide online, just like every other game. But fusions genesis guides are scarce.

Nd btw they do show u what guns are what for the common weapons, just not the pvp, warzone and raid weapons... seems like theres a lot of little dumb updates they need to fix that stuff... also some of the skill discriptions are inaccurate...

However, i was told about a huge update coming soon, including some cool new stuffs. Lets just hope they fix the little things too...

Overall, deff worth the ten bills if ur into space mmo's.

brilliant game for 800 ms points

Im at level 70 now and im still learning how to do things. Sentients definitely are a great rescource for those who would like to advance in the multiplayer arena. Great game. Hard to maneuver in some of the tight spots on the map with big ships but over all worth it.

yeah, iv completed the factions stories and the main on and i still cant buy weapons from the trading post, iv just had to find them.....

Great Game for the price, I wish they could get the support to make a full blown game that's polished. BTW I loved there space Raid

A different kind of 4X game: explore, trade, mine, combat

There is nothing not to like about this game. I'm a Freelancer/Privateer/Wing Commander (etc) gamer who bought her consoles to play space adventure games. (Guess I could have saved my money bc there aren't many!) Seriously, however, this genre is is so underrepresented that you need to have one of EACH system (PC, Mac, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1, PS2, PS3) in order to have a decent game collection. You quickly learn how to sniff out rare titles.

I tried the Fusion demo presuming it would be yet one more strategy game I'd be deleting. (Strategy games are not my thing!). I was highly skeptical about the 'sentient' thing... My heart sank as I figured it would end up being some kind of mech game. I am SO GLAD they didn't do something stupid like make the sentient talk or crack jokes.

Fusion is hard to pigeon hole: it's nothing like the games I have played up until now but, at the same time, it's everything I have enjoyed in space adventures.

I have no idea when it was that I became so hooked - but this game, even played strictly as single player, is indeed loaded with enough depth to keep me interested, and that's saying something. Everyone has commented that even after playing for a while there are still new things to learn.

Snagging it for 800 points is almost unreal. Let's be honest - most of the stuff on the marketplace is crap. Each holiday game e-tailers from gog to Steam and in between bend over backwards to lure in customers with f***ing awesome deals. The ONE & ONLY holiday sale that can ALWAYS been counted on to be UNDERWHELMING is XBox Marketplace. The prices are not only nothing to write home about, but the discounts are on games no one wants anyway. (Great example: they chose to exclude the ONE Skyrim expansion I wanted!) I mean, it is not as if Microsoft is hurting for money! Would it put them in the red to shave off a few points from the games people don't already own?

The POINT is that Fusion was a hidden gem. If you like 4X space adventure games (exploration. trade, mining & combat) - this one's a MUST!

My hope for the future is that Starfire made enough money to create an expansion and/or sequel for this game. I hope that the folks at Starfire Studios realize what a neglected bunch are space gamers and generously decide to give us more time exploring Fusion space!!