My health insurance was suddenly cancelled

We seem to be hiring all the freaking time:

Glad I could be of service!

In my previous job I had essentially unlimited PTO. It worked out to something like 10 weeks off plus the normal holidays. I simply could not take all of my PTO and still do the work that I wanted to do.

Damn , I get near 7 weeks of PTO/Wellness/Alternative Holiday time, and find that hard to use up , seeing as I only work 15 days a month. Thing is we have a lot of mandatory weekends and holidays to work. Some companies are still very generous toward their employees.

Yes, thank you. There have been so many informative responses, it’s been difficult to thank everyone.

10 hours per month comes out to 120 hours per year, which by my math is equal to 3 weeks or 15 days.
At least it better, because that’s what I’m gonna take off this year!
And yes, 15 days is the best deal I’ve ever gotten in my entire work-life. Up until the last year, it was maxed out at two weeks, no matter how long you’d been there.


He did post a few other places.

That’s how they get you!

He was quite a friendly bot.

As long as he is willing to engage and bring a fresh perspective, I won’t discriminate.

I told you guys, but did you listen? Heavy is the knowledge of bots in my head.

When insurance companies start cancelling policies on bots, we know it’s due time for an overhaul.

But you know, if those bots would just work harder and make more money they could totally afford their own insurance, with tons of high priced choices out there to choose from!

We see this new pattern now where a spammer posts a few things here and there and we’re all like… huh, this things probably a spammer or whatever, but who knows. Then they edit their posts later to make them spam posts…

Maybe we can just pull the trigger earlier? Should I report fishy posts even if they’re not obvious violations?

Turns out people really rarely show up to post a sentence or two in a couple TV and movie threads and then turn out to be legit.

Just report the offending post in my opinion. I mean sure, if they are a spammer they will get banned. But if they contributed to a thread beforehand, why not leave the comment?

We should change the rules so new accounts can’t edit their posts for a week. That’ll show 'em!

That’s a really good idea. I suggested it to the Discourse devs.

I see I never updated this thread.

My HR lady came through, and got my insurance reinstated. Possibly reinstated is the wrong word. She insists that I was never not covered, but then told me that they weren’t going to make up the missed deduction from that one check, so I think there was a two-week period where I was uninsured.

Anyway, that turned out fine, but then another thing happened, related to that:

I have an HSA, and my company is supposed to match up to $300 per year of what I put in. They did on Jan. 1, 2018, but not on Jan. 1, 2019.

I’m thinking it’s because someone fucked up my insurance (same time period), and so it never got put in becase they assumed my insurance was cancelled.

I explained my theory to the HR lady, and she said she’d look into it. After which I heard nothing. Finally I cornered her and asked her about it a few weeks later, and she said, “Uh…it should be in your account by this Thursday…maybe…That’s what the home office is telling me anyway.” I checked my account several weeks after that, but still no matching $300.

I’m getting tired of fighting this.

B. E. U. R. Acracy. Find out what it means to me.

I understand that tired feeling, but I would still be asking this person, “Ok, why are you telling me this, who is telling YOU this,” etc. until they paid me to go away, because I don’t care about being an asshole when someone is fucking me. Although I definitely understand just being happy it’s working again.

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Please do immediately report the next time this happens, the Discourse devs want more data.

I couldn’t help laughing at this. Where’s the like button when you need it.