"My Hero" (Thermoman) on BBC - Hate it but I watch it?

I really can’t stand the show as it’s pretty stupid. But for some reason I TIVO every episode and watch them all. I do like some of the characters (especially Philip Whitchurch as Tyler), but hate the doctor and head nurse <shudders>. So for a show I really don’t like, I’m perplexed why I’m watching it all the time. I got my introduction to it as an avid fan of “My Family”. I thought the title sounded similar, saw it was a comedy and said “I’m there!”

I’m also curious how “My Hero” is regarded in England? Anyone from anywhere watch it besides me?

It’s pretty much universally recognised as retarded drek. I have no idea what kind of demographic it draws in - but pulling a suggestion out of my arse, I’d guess it’s almost exclusively watched by menopausal house-wives who want to mother Ardal O’Hanlon. At least, I’m pretty sure its entire viewership can’t be made up of people perversely addicted to how deeply unfunny it is.

If you like Ardal O’Hanlon being bewildered and not very bright, you might want to check out the seminal, and much more amusing, Father Ted.

The sitcom maths goes as follows:

(My Hero + priests - superpowers / Straw Dogs) * funny = Father Ted

I don’t know anyone who likes it - at best, it’s regarded as inoffensive and far beyond its sell-by date. But it gets recommissioned yearly for some reason…

See also “My Family”.

Father Ted is the shit. I believe the creator of Father Ted is now doing The IT Crowd, which is pretty decent.

It’s a shame that Father Ted himself died. He played a great straight man (well, more or less…he was funny too, of course).

As for My Hero, I saw a bit the other day because it came on after (way after) Being Served, which is one of my fave shows. I admit I laughed out loud a few times, but overall it still seems pretty bad.

Personally i agree that the show is pretty standard so-so comedy garbage, it showed here on the mainstream BBC 1, while most of the good stuff, like ‘The Office’ and ‘Coupling’ tends to end up on the more ‘arty’ BBC 2. However it does hve Ardell O’Hanlon who carrues off the ‘dumb Irishman’ routine very well, although the character is a bit too reminiscent of Father Dougal. I’m pretty sure th show has died here in the UK.

As for the ‘IT Crowd’, it must have improved, when I linked the first webcast episode here, everyone agreed it was pretty dire.

The actor who played Father Ted died? He wasn’t very old!

Well, the good die young.

And the people with weak hearts.

The rumor is that Slobodan Milosevich has not been seen since.

Dermott Morgan died in a car accident. I believe it was the day after the last filming of Father Ted, actually.

No, Marsh was right, Morgan died of a heart attack, aged 46, while hosting a dinner party, 24 hours after filming the final episode of ‘Father Ted’. He had already announced that there would be no more series though.