My iPad won’t charge while plugged in and in use

Anyone seen or heard of this before? Just out of the blue I get the message that my iPad cannot charge while it’s in use.

Clean out your lightning port.

While @rei may be right, that usually means an underpowered charger. You are using the provided charger with a wall outlet? Could be a cable going bad as well.

Did you ever get it fixed?

This might be a good bet. Those little bricks all look the same but have varied in power over the years. The newer pads need higher wattage ones.

The newest iPad Pros can fast-charge with the same bricks as the MacsBooks & mean much less crap to carry around when you travel :-)


Frayed and damaged MFi cables, as well as ports will cause the device to sometimes register as one of those unauthorized cables and won’t charge intermittently depending on the damage or detritus.

How does one clean the lightning port?

Alcohol and a teeny thingy.

Canned air. That’s more of a problem with phones that get lint from your pocket.

So you’re saying, get drunk and poke it? Sounds good. :)

Words to live by.

Depends on how you feel about changing diapers.

Oh god, the smell. How can a tiny baby create that devil’s mud?

Surgery. Outpatient. Nuff said.

Or Plan B from Outer Space?

When was the last time you rebooted the iPad? I have had this happen and rebooting has sometimes fixed the problem. Other times I need a good “official” cable.

Many times. Yesterday, today.

Rebooted or reset? Hold down both buttons until you see the Apple symbol. (There is a difference).

That’s a hard reboot, a reset is when you erase everything and start clean.

Whatever its called, there are a few names for it and most people don’t know about it. Did he turn it off and back on, or do the two button thing?

I’m having a vaguely similar issue in that my Macbook Air (circa 2014) registers my battery as good in the System Report (and I had it replaced at an Apple Store a year and a half ago), but the computer only works when it’s plugged in–it dies if I knock the magsafe out, which is a bit…annoying–and the clock even resets when it’s unplugged.

I thought it was a computer issue, but the power cable seems to be fraying/breaking right near the magsafe connector, so maybe that’s it?