My keyboard dilemma

I use a Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia keyboard that I had for a number of years. It’s working OK, although in the last few days I’m getting the same symptom as when the two batteries it uses run out, which is to say that when typing, some keys (any key and randomly) do not register. It’s not the batteries as I only changed them a month or so ago, and they normally last a year or more - easily. I did replace them anyway with brand new ones a few days ago to be doubly sure. There is no new device attached to the system, in fact the system has had nothing new added for months. Is it time for a new keyboard? Is this one dying?

Last night I installed the keyboard software, which I normally don’t, which shows that “all systems are go”. I suppose it’s dying.

the wireless channel may have changed. re-pair it with the receiver by pressing the connect buttons in the proper order.

Good answer. I give you half a credit since, I too, figured it out between my last post and your post. ;-) (…and after reading the small manual that was supplied with the keyboard)

Actually, I thought I re-paired them the other day when I simply pressed the re-scan button on the receiver. Little did I know that whilst the receiver was in scan mode (lights flashing) I was meant to press a small and hidden button on the keyboard. I guess I just assumed that the keyboard would automatically send a “here I am” message whilst the receiver scans the spectrum. Guess it does, but it’s not automatic and needs human intervention.
All seems good so far. I did also clean a thick layer of dust from the receiver as well.