My knees hurt pretty much all the time

Not a lot, just a little. Is this typical for post-40 life?


I have one knee that’s been giving me hell lately

But then that fucker has had a tendency to pop out like whenever, my whole life

No - do you exercise? It helps a lot with random pains. Source : am 45 and exercises and have various knee, leg and shoulder issues when I don’t.

My back has been a warren of pain, suffering, and agony for most of the last, uh 17 years or so. Being 31, I consider this to be hot bullshit.

Go to a doc, then go to another, and then another. Don’t let this drag you down, man.

I used to exercise.

Then. . . . the baby came.

Describe the pain. Where is it? How does it feel? Is there associated creakiness/crunchiness?

Mild ache, more on left knee than right. Not much more to say than that. Crouching can be rather painful. Like, a few days ago, I did the ‘fake walking downstairs’ thing behind the kitchen counter to amuse my daughter, and that was pretty rough.

I experience random aches that I assume are partly due to age, partly not taking proper care of myself, like back, shoulder and knee aches that come and go.

When I think about complaining, I look at my wife’s various joint issues and jeez, really her whole family’s various ailments and I figure, well maybe some folks just aren’t built to last. I mean for example, my brother in law who is I think 43 just had a hip replaced due to arthritis. I mean that’s some shit.

You always heard about the aches and pains of getting older, but it’s just a bunch of noise from old people…until you get there yourself.

Depends really. I have one knee my doc feels I might need a brace for.

ok, but where in relation to the knee? On one side? Behind the kneecap?

Behind the cap, I guess. It’s hard to localize it. Of course now that I am trying to describe it the pain has pretty much gone away. Darn you, pain! Always one step ahead!

Next time it is hurting, put your hand on the knee and gently slide your hand up and down. Do you feel kind of a gritty/crunchy sensation?

a big part of it can be due to pressure on the back of your knees while sitting.

Also, if you are overweight, that can have an effect. Being a runner can do it too.

You know that feeling that you have in your 20s and 30s that you’re invincible and feel great all the time? Once you reach your 40s, your body says "fuck that " and starts trying to sabotage the show. I’m a pretty fit guy overall, but damn if things don’t ache and provide me with occasional jabbing pains on an increasingly frequent basis. Yesterday I did about an hour on the bike, felt fine until about three hours afterwards when my right knee decides to simulate being stabbed repeated from behind with a knife. And my left knee is showing increasing signs of saying “screw this” every time I try carrying a pack up a hill. Damnit biology, get it together.

Of course, if I wasn’t decently fit I imagine it would be considerably worse, based on observations of friends with less than stellar health. This keeps me going!

I’m pretty fit, but my exercise time has taken a dive since we had a baby. And my cardio has mostly been high impact (street jogging) because of convenience. :(

I always shill for this product when I can. Look up something called, ‘Back-Up by Nada Chair’. I have some pretty bad back problems but using this all day while working at a computer keeps them in check. It supports your back in a way where the quality of your chair is completely irrelevant, and it’s way different than any kind of lumbar support cushion or whatever. And if my back is particularly bad sitting in this thing provides more relief than lying down or whatever other position I have tried.

I used to keep trying to find the perfect chair or whatever, but if I have this, I can sit on anything and it’s the same.

Interesting! I’ve never heard of a product like this, but since I do have an office job where I sit 8 hours a day plus lots of computer time and sit-down tabletop gaming at home/with friends, this could be nice!

If I started talking about my knee problems, I would go on forever. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what I do.