My Lego Skiff

I’ve been inspired by a lot of the awesome mecha stuff I’ve seen around lately and tried to use some of the hinge/off-angle techniques in a space ship. Or what I’ve called a “skiff,” because I couldn’t get the front to seal up in a way I liked. I think it looks a little bit like the Scimitar from Wing Commander. Definitely ass-heavy.

Anybody else still build stuff with Lego?

It sort of resembles a Raptor on BSG.

I used to be HIGHLY into LEGO.

I even started a website for it,

Puts me in mind of the player ship in R-type. By the way, Legos come with much different pieces nowadays than when I was a kid, apparently.

Yeah, there are all sorts of interesting new pieces now. Actually, there was a period where LEGO was putting out all sorts of over-specialized pieces, which were very difficult to use for anything other than the intended purpose.

  • Alan

Holy crap! That’s awesome stuff.

When I was a kid, just about all my LEGO was hand-me-down red, blue, and yellow bricks. Then I got a big generic space LEGO set. It was really just grey bricks mostly, and a lot of peices like the long ones without nubs on top, to give things a smooth look. Nothing like the above though.

By the time my sister got into LEGO, all you could really get were really specialized sets, like the marina, or the pirate ship, that sucked if you didn’t want to follow the instructions.

To their credit, the people over at LEGO are now trying to include more “weird but generic” pieces in the current sets, things like angled and curved bricks.

  • Alan

Yea, that sounds awesome.

When I was a kid, whenever I’d go to Ontario Place I’d always visit the LEGO place. They would sell generic instruction booklets. Normally, I hated following instructions, but those books were pretty cool. I still have a few of them.

Reminds me of a Tartan patrol cruise from Star Wars.

As a kid, I had all kinds of Legos, and that’s pretty much all I played with growing up. I used to rate the strength of my battleships and planes and so forth by throwing golf balls at them, and looking over the damage.

My dad actually kept all my Legos after I went off to college. Now my son has them, along with all the sets we have bought him. Now I have an great excuse to sit down and play with them again.

Have you played with their software yet, where you can design something, and then they send you the peices? It is still missing a lot of good peices, but has the foundations of being totally kick ass.

My buddy has been buying a lot of toys he always wanted as a kid, but never owned. Mostly old Transformers stuff. I’d much, much rather have LEGO.

By the way, this guy is crazy!

I actually like your original skiff design better, but this is awesome!

That is incredibly awesome. There is hope in the world yet, for my army of mecha-LEGO soldiers to live, I say LIVE!

Oooh, finally a positive aspect to my Dad’s packrat tendencies! I bet my lego is in the attic of his house.

Have you played with their software yet, where you can design something, and then they send you the peices? It is still missing a lot of good peices, but has the foundations of being totally kick ass.

That sounds fantastic, I might have to check that out too. Lego was my favourite toy as a kid, and I look forward to indoctrinating my own kid with it :)

Whoah, link plz?

It is their “Lego Digital Designer” that is part of their “Lego Factory” thing.

Here’s a link to the software itself:

Basically, it is like a Lego CAD program where you pick peices to build stuff. Then you can click a link to how much it would cost you for those parts, and you can purchase it right then and there. They have slowly been adding new galleries of peices, so you can finally start building some intricate shit. So far, they have these peices to use:

Holy shit, you’re that guy!? I remember that site when it was on GeoCities and even thought about submitting something for the historical fiction contest.

Man, this thread has totally ruined ElGuapos hot tub thread. Now I’m visualizing the hot tub as made of legos and the attractive young co-eds in the hot tub with ill-concealed expressions of worry and fear on their faces.

I can be both uber nerd and sexy hot tub man. They can coexist.


In other news, I was stood up Friday. Haven’t heard from her. Possibly her car crashed en routte. Tried calling a few times, went to voicemail immediately.

Or, she just wasn’t into me. See? It can happen to anyone, which is why I always refer to dating as “a numbers game”.

Maybe I’ll dump the LEGOs out on the ground and roll around in them.

You should call and check up on her. With some other girl moaning in the background.

The skiff is cool. Looks a lot like a beetle, which actually makes it cooler.