My Life Needs More Sound

I need sound. My iPod 5.5G’s batteries been dead since December of 08 (or close to it) so I need to replace that. That’s $25 out the door right? iPodjuice a good choice?

Next, I need headphones. For listening with the iPod, with my laptop, and I’d like to use it with my bedroom TV. I typically sit 5 feet from the TV, no more. I am looking at the Sennheiser PX-200-II’s though they are at my price range limit ($65 on Amazon). My iPod will be used mostly between classes and at home. I don’t really go to the gym. I need headphones for the TV because my house is a bit noisy.

Next, I need a way to connect my iPod to my 2004 Toyota Corolla CE. The CE has nothing but the basics (I actually had no idea it didn’t have power doors when buying because I thought it was a given in a 04 car) so I can’t use a CD changer like I usually did. But I’ll have a working iPod now. So, how easy/expensive is it to do a straight up auxiliary solution? I do have a FM transmitter but in my experience they are shit.

So any help? Battery, headphone, car suggestions?

No idea about the batteries. Do a search for headphones for that discussion, there’s a bunch of them.

As for the car, you’ll need an Auxiliary adapter dongle thingy. You actually could use a CD changer, you just don’t have one.

You’d have to remove your radio unit, which may be a pain in the ass. Considering going to Best Buy to see if they have what you need, and ask about installation price.

If you’re going to have to get an aux port installed anyway, and if you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks, I would recommend getting an Ipod-ready head unit for your car that allows you to run the Ipod into the back instead of into an aux port. You can control the Ipod with the HU. Pioneer makes some good ones. For the last several years I’ve done this in my truck, and my Ipod stays hidden away in the glove compartment, connected to the HU with a cable that runs behind the dash.

Agreed. I’ve used both methods, and having an HU that can connect and control the iPod directly is much cleaner, both in terms of UX and in simply not having extra cables hanging all over your car.

As for the headphones, if you’re looking for a pair of tradational on-ear cans in the sub-$100 range, I strongly urge you to check out the Grado SR60s:

(That article is 16 years old, and they’re still made. That’s how nice they are.)

They do look a bit clunky, though.

Well, I remembered that headsets always mess with my glasses too much so I settled for Sennheisser CX300’s (Mark II) on the go. I think I will get a different pair for the home though but we’ll see as I’m short for now. The Sennheissers were only $19 with free shipping so I was pretty happy about that. Will definitely check if they’re fake though. Bought the iPodJuice battery for $25. Now I just need to do the car part. For now, I have a crappy FM tuner. With some tape I think I can make it work for now. But eventually, I think the Head Unit idea is solid. That and some nice real headphones for the house.