My new acer laptop is crapping out on me

We got this new acer aspire laptop after the old one was stolen. The keyboard sometimes goes on strike until I reboot it. I failed to google anything related to that.
If it matters, its got Vista.

Anyone has any experience with these?

I do own an Acer, but having had any trouble with it. If it’s new, it should still be under warranty. Take advantage of that.

What puzzles me here is that a reset (temporarily) fixes the problem. Have you looked at Window’s event log to see if anything fishy shows up?

get it repaired/replaced stat. physical problem.

Thats what I am afraid of. We got it at Israel on the day we left to Ireland. I guess I’m screwed.

Well now I did. Didn’t understand a thing :)

if you can always reproduce keyboard dying, leave it in BIOS a bit to see if it happens.

Well, we just called Acer here and they immediately offered to come over and take it for checking. Very surprising.

My daughter poured a glass of water into our one week old Acer TravelMate. After explaining the situation to Acer support, 3 hours later an UPS carrier appeared to pick up the machine. 72 hours later, it was returned with Mobo and keyboard replaced, all under warranty. Even though I hadn’t bought any kind of extra insurance.

I’ve been recommending Acers to friends and family ever since. Great service.