My new wireless keyboard and mouse

If you, like me, have (had) a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, might I HIGHLY suggest not suffering with a cheap one? I had a Dynex for over a year and it was always losing signal, going haywire, etc. Finally Saturday I had enough and went out and bought a bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse. Heaven. This is what I wanted all along, it’s rock solid, responsive, accurate, and never loses the signal.

It was expensive ($99 at Best Buy), but I think totally worth it. Mine is made by Rocketfish .I had never heard of them before, but I think the Bluetooth is the key. I’m impressed.

<snooty New England accent>
If you have the means, I highly recommend one.

And now I’m off to kill me some STALKERS.

I’ve been very happy with the logitech dinovo wireless keyboard and a separate logitech laser MX mouse. I had some problems with the passive signal from the keyboard in my ridiculously overelectroniced barracks room, but now that I live in normal spaces I haven’t had a problem. I think it’s a direct function of not having cheap shit, not so much bluetooth with which I’ve had problems with cheap devices. Just ask a PS3 owner Ha Ha Ha.

rocketfish is one of those rebadged oem-seller of everything-products like belkin, kensington and …ugh those shoddy in-house brands like nexxtech that i don’t personally trust.

How about this: Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 8000

I was thinking about getting this, but the price, lack of separate numeric keypad and it actually not being available yet stopped me. I was hoping they’d just sell the keyboard separate also.

I ended up getting a Logitech G15 keyboard, which is suppose to be getting a revision model sometime this month or the next month.