My NWN2 PrC Idea - Like RDD but for Divine

Here’s my idea, be nice, it’s my first try at a creating the stats for a PrC. Let me know if you think it’s unbalanced-- I based it off the 3.5E PnP Dragon Disciple and modified it to fit the nature of the Couatl and augmenting a spontaneous divine caster’s offensive and survival ability:

Progeny of Couatl

If I can get enough interest I may see if anyone would like to help me create the PrC. Failing that I guess when I have some time I will see if I can figure out how to do it myself.

You know, there are boards full of obsessive D&D class balancers who would probably give you better, more detailed advice, even though the class is specifically for NWN2.

For example:

Bonus spell slots sound really weird. Am I correct in interpreting it to mean that players will end up with an abnormally large number of slots in their highest spell level? In PnP you typically get caster levels rather than spell slots, although I’m not fully aware of what limitations are imposed by NWN2’s design.

God, why would you want to make another class as broken as dragon disciples?

What do you mean by broken, overpowered?

It could happen that way. You only can choose a bonus spell slot from a spell tier you can already cast from, though, and you can’t retroactively apply them to your 9th tier should you get that high. That’s pretty difficult, though, since taking levels in RDD/PoC slows down your casting progression. A 10 FS/10 PoC can only cast tier 5 spells.

I’ve done quite a bit of custom content for NWN1/2, Kunikos. If you decide to go for it, I recommend this editor for .2da and .tlk file manipulation. Once you get everything together, this utility will pack everything up into a tidy hak if that’s how you intend to distribute it. If you want more info on how to get started, shoot me a PM.

I think I would go for override format and reserve 2DA and TLK ranges on the wiki that some of the custom content developers are using. Thanks for the links for the programs.


I don’t see them being overpowered at all; while you gain levels that give you attribute bonuses, switching out those levels for more of your primary class will net you different but just as powerful benefits (feats, epic feats, class abilities, etc). The Dragon Disciple also augments the fighting ability of a sorceror or bard, and that isn’t necessarily even a bard’s primary role in combat. It certainly diminishes their Perform and inspiration/song acquisition and level-ups. For sorcerors it tanks your DC checks, I think.

Finally, maybe now you’ll stop bitching about how “broken” the PrCs are and just roll yer own. ;-)


Here’s another PrC idea: Battlemage of Aglarond.

Nifty. That class would be more time-consuming to implement. You’d probably end up having to add a ton of feats as spell-like abilities for Warmage spells, since there’s no way to manipulate the actual spellbook on a per class basis. Fortunately, a lot of the spell scripts that you’d need are already done for you (acid splash, true strike, etc), but for a close translation of the PnP class, you’d need 1xDay, 2xDay, 3xDay, 4xDay, 5xDay, and 6xDay versions of each spell feat.

I believe that kind of work has already been done before for the Assassin class by various modders out there.

Note that Warmage wouldn’t work at all since spellcasting base classes can’t be done at all since there is no such thing as custom spellbooks in NWN2 (yet?).

I was thinking the implementation would be one feat per spell level known of the warmage spellbook, with a sub-menu off it when you use it on the toolbar and it has 0 uses for spells you don’t know and 1 or more uses for those you do know.

Alternatively, I could rework the class to just use the sorceror spellbook and progress your sorceror spellcasting, and get specific Spell Focus feats such as Evocation and Abjuration and require being an Evoker or Abjurer specialist.

Yeah. I was always kind of disappointed that Obsidian didn’t add the ability to have custom spellbooks in NWN2. That kind of thing would really open up possibilities for custom classes.

Subradials might work for your battlemage PrC, too. If I’m understanding you right, I’m not sure off the top of my head how you’d get the uses-per-day right for individual menu selections, since each selection reduces usages from the “master” feat. There’s probably a way to make it work, though.

I was specifically thinking of items in the game that have multiple spells, each with a per/day on them; if there’s a way to mimic that but put it on a feat, then it may be possible to do a custom spellbook in that way. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work with metamagic at all.

Actually, RDD are pretty broken. My character through the first campaign was one, and he was absurdly overpowered. I just had to point him in the direction of the enemy, and then watch him slice & dice. At the same time, his 5 levels in bard gave him an obscene amount of skill points, so he was my party’s crafter as well as conversationalist, and I think he could even act as a full-blown thief.

Basically, he was my party. The only thing he couldn’t do was nuke spells. So add in that sorcerer woman (I forget her name), and my party was complete. The third slot in my part was used for whichever character the plot required.

Oh… and his bard levels allowed him to help with buffs & sing a song to help everybody in the party fight. RDD is, indeed, a broken class. He’s been blasting through MotB, when I’ve had time to actually play, and so far the game has been really really easy. Oh… I also took a couple levels in Blackguard, so his high charisma bonus gives him +5 or +6 to his saves… so magic doesn’t really work against him either.

I’m considering re-rolling a non-munchkin character, and just starting the game from the very beginning.

He couldn’t be a full-blown thief since you’re missing search, disable trap, set trap, and sneak attack among other things.

MotB’s broken epic progression really favors melee class builds because BAB progresses past the max of 4 attacks a round unlike PnP, and epic spellcasters do not get similar buffing, in fact epic spell resistances, saving throws, and such make them much weaker.

In general, CRPGs favor full melee builds in late stages because there is no free-form element to spellcasting and zoning between modules removes any way in PnP where you could prepare ambushes, set houses on fire, or any other rampaging behavior that a chaotic and/or evil character might engage in (like wholesale slaughter of towns by casting meteor shower or Gate).

Just have it add spell slots. NWN2 already established a precedent for that with the Specialist stuff.

Before my hard drive crashed and I lost my RDD build, he was tearing through MotB. That 3 death knight fight everyone complains about? First round he crit’d twice for over 300 points in the first two swings, took out one, and then did greater cleave and started damaging the next, all in the first round. Fight was over in probably 5 rounds. Started over after the drive crash, my 18 paladin/divine champion has struggled to output enough damage at times, though by 25-26 he was over that hurdle and now holds his own quite well (though his dmg and BAB is nowhere near that RDD build).

I agree, I no longer play RDDs because they’re the equivalent of a cheat code. Maybe it’s because of the way CRPGs work but this class is really insanely overpowered.

Actually RDD in NWN2 is even less powerful than the PnP RDD. The PnP version gets claw and bite attacks when fighting unarmed, can choose their own dragon type which affects the breath weapon type (cone, line, cloud, element), gets wings, and has bonus spell progression.