My NWN2 PrC Idea - Like RDD but for Divine

I can’t help you. I just want to say how scary I find it that one of the most knowledgeable, helpful and number-crunching NWN-persons on this here board only plays on Normal difficulty. This is absolutely not a put-down or anything, the gods only know if I had more knowledge or discipline I would probably be able to actually finish one of these games some day, but it’s like Kunikos spends all this time studying and planning only to use it for mashing teh buttons and teh mans fals down.

But i find it encouraging that there are weirder people than I out there. Thanks for the help Kunikos.

He already mentioned he was a Lawful Evil monk, so Druid was right out. Try to pay attention, dude. ;-)

What item is that? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to spoilerize the thread.

Another problem with Sneak Attack in NWN 2 is you no longer get free sneak attacks on prone opponents like you did in NWN 1. One of my favorite cheeseball attacks in NWN 1 was to Knockdown an opponent with a dual-wielding rogue, then whale on him half-a-dozen times, getting free sneak attacks with every hit, until he got back up…if he got back up. sigh Good times, good times…

Also, a lot of what you face in MotB are SA-immune, so you need Epic Precision to be able to SA them; and for that you need to be at least a lvl 10 rogue to get Crippling Strike.