My only question to you guys

is why you are not sitting around right now listening to King Crimson

Yeah, why aren’t you sitting around right now listening to King Crimson?

Holy cow lookit Bruford 👀

I haven’t heard much of them, but I’m told they sound similar and were heavy influencers of my favorite band, Tool.

Yep, Tool has been very open about the influence. It’s probably most apparent with the later lineups:

Yeah the question is which lineup they mean, there have been so many. I am particularly partial to the early ‘80s KC which had that crazy Adrian Belew energy.

When they said Clapton is God, they meant Fripp is God.

I am often sitting around listening to King Crimson, especially In the Court…, but not while I am at work, sadly.

The Wetton-era will always be my favorite, but I celebrate their entire catalog.

Because I’m listening to Tony Levin Band and the League of Crafty Guitarists, of course.

I do, by the way, occasionally step away from King Crimson to listen to Renaissance.

I do have some Crimson on vinyl but my turntable is out of commission. I am really close to finally just tossing it and my remaining records out.

Because I’m sitting around listening to the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw soundtrack. I’ve heard of this group but never really listened to them. Doesn’t really sound like my bag, sorry.

Prog, man, PROG!

And not that German shit that calls itself Prog these days.

Dont you mean Crimso



I feel like there’s an opportunity here for someone with greater Photoshop skills than I.

I admit that I wasn’t - but now I know that what I needed while working on un-fu-ing a massive Canvas grading snafu is

That doesn’t look like Tony Levin on the Chapman Stick. Too much hair.

Huh. Tony Levin is a month older than Robert Fripp. He’s definitely aged better.

Nice one, @gruntled !