My Parents are playing Rockband!

On easy, my dad on the guitar and my mom on the vocals. I’m laughing so hard I might blow a gasket. I’d be drumming, but I’m working on my brother’s essay. If it weren’t such an expensive combo, I can totally see Rockband + 360 as the most epic of system sellers.

Any other people with extreme casuals playing together stories?

Call us when they get to Celebrity Skin.

my sister is very close to purchasing her own 360 and rock band now that I stole mine back

This thread is useless without pictures.

I think this means that Aeon221’s mom and dad are thirtysomething manchildren. I’ll admit this doesn’t make much sense to me, but science isn’t about my feelings.


I’m a parent and I play games with my kid, and my brother.(GH2 alot)

I have a picture! (Of my parents)

My 5 year old now knows the melody to Garbage’s “I Think I’m Paranoid”, and can sing it accurately into the microphone enough on Easy mode to get around 90%.

This picture makes me remember apartment life.

Get more crap for your walls.

We hooked up massive speakers, and my brother, sister and I blasted through Don’t Fear the Reaper, my favorite song since before the dawn of time. HAPPIEST DAY EVAR! Man that drum set at the end is brutal! It’s worse than Blitzkrieg Bop for chrissakes.

No pictures because I don’t own a digital camera, sorry!

Seeing my fiftysomething mom belting out the lyrics to Nirvana while dancing like a sprite was just absolutely priceless, so yall are definitely missing out.

Mom singing “Nature is a whore…” Priceless!

We had the opposite reaction. The drums are so loud on it that if you weren’t playing, they were really irritating in the rest of the house :( And my dad is a jerk and kicked us out of the living room eventually at christmastime.

…and someday you too will be 50-something and your kids will think that what you are doing is hilarious also.


I’m pretty sure “WarpStorm” is guilty, too.

My friend brought his over, and my little brother’s were sleeping directly above my room, which has the nicest sound system in the house, and he was worried.

However, as long as you are concious about it, the drum’s aren’t that loud.

In case some of you missed it, the guitar hero drum quieting edition thread led me to an inexpensive solution to the plastic whapping: four 2$ mousepads and some rubber cement. My drum noise is far more tolerable and work just fine as a result. Only thing I would change about it is taking the time to use a stencil to cut down the mousepads next time, because I did a horrible job freehand.

Anyhow, it helps a lot with the group and solo-late-at-night bits.

The drums are so loud on it that if you weren’t playing, they were really irritating in the rest of the house

You GOTTA mod the drums to reduce the sound level. I recommend the neoprene mouse pad route. You can buy the felt drum mutes custom made for RB drums on eBay too; just try a search.

wumpus’ mouse pad mod is excellent. Very effective, and inexpensive. Make sure you use rubber cement to affix them. Thinner, less goopy adhesives tend to just soak into the fabric of the mousepad, and don’t adhere well.

I cut mine with a stencil, and sized them so that you can still see the colored rings at the edges. I think it looks pretty swanky.