My son's Call of Duty account was permabanned after a hack?

So my son’s Call of Duty account got banned after he was hacked a few weeks ago. We recovered his account and added 2FA and changed the password, but apparently when it was compromised the hacker did bad things with cheat software. Carter plays on Xbox and has never delved into cheat stuff/hacks/utilities/etc. He doesn’t even have a PC.

They denied his ban appeal due to evidence of cheat usage and basically said “tough luck“ in the denial.

Anyone know how we can escalate this? It’s ridiculous — he’s spent tons of money over the years, it’s his primary game, and he’s never cheated/hacked/etc. but this is the result of his recent account compromise.

So frustrating to get a “There is no further appeal” email.

Bad luck, but I don’t see how you will get another result.

A quick google did not produce good story outcomes. :(

I hope he learns his lesson, and stop playing CoD and spending money in mtx, and start playing obscure strategy games, imsims and rpgs and even he could post here! :P

More seriously, I didn’t even know how you could cheat in console. I googled it up, and it seems there are ‘modded’ or custom controllers you can buy that control the recoil for you (I guess they have presets for specific weapons?) and fire with higher rate of fire than mashing the button.

That sucks man, and boy are online support people amongst the most draconian/victim blaming people on the planet when it comes to something like a hacked account.

Like if you get hacked in LOTRO they may recover it for you once, but then they straight up threaten you afterwards, saying if it happens again, your account will be terminated.

I imagine the only ways to ever win something like this is to have 10 million followers on twitter and put their account there on blast, or just be a famous person, or friends with someone who works there.

It’s probably the case that his hacked account was used on a PC. Easy to get cheats there and they know when you are using them.

I dunno if you know anyone who can call in a favor for you, @Editer ? That might be the only way…

His Activision account was compromised back in December. He got access back and locked it down, but someone connected a Steam account to it (he disconnected it within a couple of days) and I’m assuming that’s where the cheat happened.

Got some advice from an MS friend about going through the compromised account process and showing he only plays on Xbox, so working through that route next.

Have you tried getting him hooked on flight sims? :D

Sounds like a nightmare :( Feel bad for him.