My Sony/Android TV got bricked. Any advice?

Hey guys,

TV was working fine one night, but the next day around noon I noticed it was on and displaying a Google/android logo. I thought that was odd, considering I hadn’t turned on the TV and it’s not a logo I normally see anyway. I thought maybe my dog sat on the remote, but they were all out of reach so I believe it was a software update that was run, perhaps when I turned off my TV the night before or it happened while I was on standby. In any case, the TV was obviously stuck in a reboot loop. Sometimes I would get a signal just briefly (1-2 seconds) before it shits itself and starts the reboot all over again.

I couldn’t get the TV out of the reboot loop, so I looked up info on how to factory reset my TV (XBR-65X810C is the model number). I didn’t know if I was relieved to see my issue as the very first item on their FAQ or nervous. You’re supposed to unplug, hold down VOL- and POWER at the same time (buttons on the set, not the remote), and keep them held down while you plug the set back in. While that required some gymnastics to do it on my own (thanks for putting the short power cord and the power buttons on opposite ends of a 65" TV, asshole), I was able perform the steps.

After 10-30 seconds of holding it down, I’m supposed to see the LED on the TV go from flashing white to flashing green. This never happens, though. The LED stays white and the TV proceeds to walk through it’s reboot loop. I’ve tried unplugging the TV and repeating those steps five times now to no avail. For some reason the factory reset just doesn’t seem to be working.

I contacted Sony support and their response was basically “ur out of the one year warranty. Get fucked bro.” (It’s two years old at this point). They offered no help or instructions other than to point me to the same instructions which I had just been following. Then the “tech” just said “Well it’s obviously a problem with the set, so I can’t help you.”. Interesting response from tech support! If only the problem were with, uh, something else other than my TV, then maybe he could have helped me?

Anyway, does anyone have any advice? I have a BIOS for the TV on a USB drive, but I don’t know how to flash it without getting into the TV menu which I can’t do due to the reboot loop. Anyone here have any ideas on what I might be able to do?

I have a Sony Android TV (X800D), this happened to me once maybe a month after I got it, eventually they put out new firmware and I’ve never had the issue again.

Here was the video I watched, pretty much exactly what you did, except comments mention waiting up to 45 seconds for the green LED to flash.

The top commenter mentioned his steps also:

My TV stops to turn on all of sudden in the morning and this video is the Ultimate solution that worked… Thanks a lot

Adding my steps if someone can get benefit
before this step: I used to see a white led comes and stays ON for 3 seconds and goes off blinking white screen (very slight visible white screen which can be observed in dark)
After the above steps TV stopped even giving this white led and screen blink and not sure why and did not solve the problem of TV

then I followed slight change in steps

  1. without removing the power cables
  2. Press and hold 'Volume Down" button firmly and then “Power Button”
  3. hold both buttons firmly for more than 30secs until a whitish green led comes ON
    (firstly for me a whitish green LED started to glow at 45th second and i removed my fingers holding the buttons and ended in ‘back to square one’ i.e. white led ON for 3 seconds and going OFF)

second time after few minutes i repeated 2nd and 3rd step, this time i did not remove my fingers from the buttons even after the whitish green led started to glow

  1. Hold both the buttons firmly even after the whitish green led glows till you see the colorful circles starts to display on screen

My TV turned ON and working since 2hrs
I still went ahead and did the ‘factory reset’ after the above ‘forced factory reset’

i did a settings to ‘auto timer power on’ everyday at 8am as a mitigate alternative way to power on, remember that this setting will make tv to power on even if you are away from home on vacation ! so remember to remove the power, this is just my alternate for couple days

FYI: fond various steps online at sony e-support

  1. unplug power from wall outlet for 30sec and plug in - did not work for me
  2. Hold ‘power on’ and ‘up arrow’ buttons - did not work for me

Thanks to the author

@KevinC Any luck?

No luck. :( I think my problem is that you’re supposed to hold down VOL/Power for 30+ seconds. My TV won’t stay on for that long, it dies just the reboot process and shuts down, then starts again.

Trying to figure out if there’s any way to boot from USB or network or anything, but so far I haven’t come up with anything.

Thanks for the help. I’ll keep trying a few different variations and see if I can get anything working. This is extremely frustrating.

I would try asking at avsforum. There’s bound to be someone else who has encountered the same problem.

I’ll check that out, thanks!

@KevinC what ever happened?

Haven’t any any luck in troubleshooting it, unfortunately. I’m in between moves at the moment, so it’s just been in storage for the past little while.

I found a place that’ll do a diagnostic for $100, but I hear any sort of repair can be a little pricey. Debating whether to follow up with that or just start putting money towards a new TV. It’s frustrating, and the extremely poor customer service from Sony (not to mention a TV crapping out so quickly) means I won’t be buying from them ever again.

Exactly same issue here. Factory reset doesn’t work.

I posted on sony bbs but no useful information at all, and customer service can only respond with your location is out of service area.

Hello, Kevin,

I have same issue happened yesterday. Just wondering did you fix your problem? have any updated?

Unfortunately, no, never got it resolved. I ended up picking up a new TV when I moved.

My 2016 Sony/Android TV is still going strong, knocks on wood.