My sound card is under water

My GF’s computer’s onboard sound never worked (all drivers loaded properly, but no output. C-Media, anyone?) so I slapped an old Avance ALS4000 PCI sound card in her computer, disabled the onboard in the BIOS, and ran the driver program. Now she has sound, but it’s stuttering VERY fast, like listening to it underwater. Any tips on how to correct this?


Check for newer/different drivers?

Just give in and buy a SBLive for $20. Or get her an Audgify for even more, then tell her how much you spent on her. hint, hint.

Or actually, just try upgraded motherboard drivers.

Could be a weird PCI issue – in which case extarbags’ suggestion re: drivers is a good one. Could also be that the card is fucked up, in which case you can go try another one.

Try turning the computer on and off real fast.

Tried that, didn’t work.

Seriously, though, the drivers are the newest and spiffiest, OS is updated, etc. Sorry for not including that in my post. I was just hoping someone had run across this particular card/problem before.

I’ll probably go the route of buying new card. The mobo drivers are the ones that came with the mobo, plus the latest updates, and still no go. There’s quite a bit of flap on the net about how the card is teh suck, so I’m going to take one more stab at getting it going, then bite the bullet.

In other news, while trying to remove a virus, I managed to frag half of Window’s security boot package, csrss.exe. Had a fun time finding a bootable registry editor, figuring out the syntax, and restoring the keys.


That sounds like a PCI bus problem - sometimes certain cards won’t give up access to the bus, so the sound card can’t get stuff through in enough time. Google maybe?

Interesting, I’ve always had a bad SM Bus Controller driver in my device manager. Never bothered tracking it down since it didn’t seem to cause problems. I’ll see if that’s it.


Try switching the IRQ. It may be using a shared IRQ and another device isn’t playing nice. Try giving it its own.


take the pc out of the bath.