My Steam friend, @LordKosc, tried to scam me?

So, I have been warned about this… and today, I received a PM from @lordkosc … I hope your account is not hacked, man. Please be warned if you are getting messages from your Steam friends.

That looks proper dodgy. If it was @lordkosc it’d be Antihero :-)

But seriously, that’s really concerning.

Same here. And according to comments on his Steam profile, we’re not the only ones. I guess the pirate is contacting everybody in his Steam friend list.

Just had the same thing happen - PMed him about it. I hope he’s able to get it resolved quickly, that sucks.

Add me to the list. I PM’d him as well. Seemed dodgy. Same exact script.

I dare not click on the website but my friend who warned me said that it will bring you to a page requesting you to login to your Steam account. Now is the time to enable 2FA aka Steam Guard on your Steam.

Yeah, just got the same message from him on Steam.

Messaged him about here too, but I was dumb and tried to visit the site beforehand.

I found this page and followed the instructions they mentioned. Change password, deauth all devices, revoke web API key, reset Steam Trade URL.

Same! I didn’t click anything. He lost me at “hey bro” “dude” “dude”. :-)

Got the same messages, changed my password even though I have 2fa on. Hope you can get your account back. @lordkosc

Got one also this morning before I left for work. I told them to pm me here… didn’t even have time to get the link before I shut my PC down this morning. I wondered what was going on. Thanks for the heads up!

Ah fuck, I knew I should have checked here first. This is what happens when I can’t sleep and answer dodgy PMs at 5:00am.

I have 2FA enabled but am changing my Steam password now just to be sure. Also told the asshole who stole the account to fuck off, so he likely knows he’s been exposed. Stay safe everyone.

Help him, report it:


Also, in the event anyone ever finds themselves in a similar situation…

Recovering a Stolen or Hijacked Steam Account:

Done too.

This guy never gives up… is he a bot or ?

I had that very same scam. It’s been going around Steam for a while now. It became part of the nickname of our resident 2B perv in my main game discord. ^_^

Just change your Steam password.

Me too, from @lordkosc as well. Did the are you human captcha then bailed once it wanted to connect me via Steam.

I got the scam messages as well. I didn’t click the link.

I was very confused when I got up just now.


I will report it as well.

Thanks for the link, done.

Also got the chat messages and also reported on that link. Hopefully Kosc can get his account back.