My Steam friend, @LordKosc, tried to scam me?

Sorry @Charlatan , I turned my profile to private for now.
Anyway, after about 24 hour, I’m happy to report that I still have about 200 card about 60 games to farm, down from initial >1500 cards and 400ish games yesterday morning. :P

I was only a little leery of using the script to sell stuff I had, but do wonder if using a script to actually gain a bunch of cards in a few hours (or whatever) is something Steam can/will notice and lock an account. Is this even a possibility?

No. I’ve been using Archie Steam Farm for something like 5 years without incident, and lots of people have been using scripts like that for longer.

Awesome, thanks for the quick answer.

But the script to actually sell the stuff and easily convert to money is new… so wouldn’t it be possible that the advent of that script in combination with these older farming ones prompt some action by Steam? Unlikely, perhaps, but possible?

Valve is making at least a cent off each of these cards that you all are selling. I don’t think they’re going to mind.

I was using scripts to sell Steam cards farmed off Idle Master years ago. It’s nothing new.

I setup Idle Master yesterday and got it working (it seemed) but even though I had 15 or so game idling I didn’t get any cards. Is this just something that takes a long time or is there something I’m maybe missing? Or is this all part of @lordkosc 's grand scam?

Might take up to 2 hours to get your first but then they will start coming in quickly.

Many games have (had?) a 2 hour wait built in before cards start dropping due to the return policy.

Hmm, I have had 297 card drops remaining since I started tinkering with it last night. I’ve shut it a few times and reset settings to go to the games with most cards. Everytime the games listed as being in idle update and even changed a few times, but still no cards. I’ll let it keep running and then mess with it later if I’m still not getting any cards. Thanks all.

EDIT: I dug thru a troubleshooting guide and realized I had launched from my zip file. I didn’t get any errors though, but once I moved the app to the desktop and relaunched I was getting cards within a half hour. Nice.

How many hours of play time will it show on all your games when you’re done?

Man this damn vote scam thing is still going on, another TF2 friend from years ago:

Got unfriended seconds after replying, I reported his account to Steam.

Hahahaah The gift that keeps on giving :)

Perfect response.

Overkill. A million would have sufficed, and then he would have probably paid it.

Who can live off just a million dollars? :P

Yeah, the house I wanna buy in La Jolla is easily gonna cost 5 million+.

You have a point.

Piece of cake. Always happy to prove this.