My Steam friend, @LordKosc, tried to scam me?



Arise thread! I’ve been gone for a bit. Yes I was fooled by the hack and unfortunately got some of my other Steam friends caught up in it. Sorry for anyone that I caused inconvenience. I actually put up a post on OO about it but didn’t think to put one here.

Will watch out for it. Thanks!

A new scam is making the rounds now, same as before.

Thanks for the heads up. While I have you can you vote for my HunniePop 2 team?

Sign me up!

I will be cautious. However, I have a friend who is a Nigarian Prince who needs a small donation of 10,000 USD. In return he will pay you back 10 fold!

Trying to decide if this detail makes it seem more or less authentic.

Dude, Nigaria has the best princes!

Pretty decent water falls too.

As falls Nigaria, so falls Nigaria Falls.

I giggle every time this thread is bumped.


I secretly hope this will be the top result for all lordkosc related queries on major search engines for the centuries to come.

Lordkosc the Antihero leaderboard legend before the game was made part of the 2084 Olympics? Gone!

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Not saying there’s any scam going on, but this felt like the most relevant thread to say… Hey @Chappers— are you okay? I’m seeing you start one Steam game after another… like less than a second apart. You know you can’t get through your backlog that way!

The only way I can get through them all is to run 31 at the same time.

Seriously though, I am running “Idle Master Extended” to get 5,393 more steam card drops which I can then sell using that other software. Alternatively evil @lordkosc has hacked my account again.

I knew it! What a good bump!

Well, better than mining Bitcoin!

Do you have to have all your games installed for that to work, or does it install and uninstall them, too?

Don’t need any of them installed, it uses some magic that I don’t really understand.

@Storz was cycling through all these games so I asked him and he explained it all to me.