My Steam friend, @LordKosc, tried to scam me?

This prompted me just now to google “turn off steam notifications” and then turn them off because your name was popping up every three seconds. I was about to PM you to see if you’d been hacked!

I’ve turned off my game announcements now, hopefully shouldn’t bother anyone. I’ll turn it back on once I’m done.


I can’t believe you haven’t turned off those annoucements, guys. I always felt they are the most obnoxious shit when I’m playing something.

I actually like seeing what others are playing. Particularly the global trendsetter @BrianRubin.

It’s gaming ADHD is what.

This means I don’t care about anyone? :O

We all care about you though.

I didn’t even realise those were default on. I had to block Chappers though. It was really intrusive having those pop up every second while I’m gaming.

The worst thread bump!


I was about to do the same, when I found the notifications area of steam, and turned off whenever someone starts a game. I get mildly insane watching people playing 600 games a minute :-D

Yeah that was my reaction too!

I turned off my notifications yesterday because I saw @Storz doing it and I thought Steam had lost its mind.

Sorry @Charlatan , I turned my profile to private for now.
Anyway, after about 24 hour, I’m happy to report that I still have about 200 card about 60 games to farm, down from initial >1500 cards and 400ish games yesterday morning. :P

I was only a little leery of using the script to sell stuff I had, but do wonder if using a script to actually gain a bunch of cards in a few hours (or whatever) is something Steam can/will notice and lock an account. Is this even a possibility?

No. I’ve been using Archie Steam Farm for something like 5 years without incident, and lots of people have been using scripts like that for longer.

Awesome, thanks for the quick answer.

But the script to actually sell the stuff and easily convert to money is new… so wouldn’t it be possible that the advent of that script in combination with these older farming ones prompt some action by Steam? Unlikely, perhaps, but possible?

Valve is making at least a cent off each of these cards that you all are selling. I don’t think they’re going to mind.