My TV is dead. HDTV Buying Help Needed

So, I need a 32 inch HDTV like ASAP.

My TV is dying, when a dark screen comes up, the CRT wigs the fuck out and gets crazy distorted.

Bad for gaming.

I have been holding off on the HDTV front for a while now… but the time has come to bite the bullet.

I don’t have much money… none. So, my question to you is -

What is the cheapest, best 32 inch HDTV money can buy?

I was actually hoping to spend around 400-500 dollars max.

But I saw this deal…

And I don’t know if I can pass that up…


Amazon has a 37" 1080P Vizio for $479:

Plus it’s eligible for Prime shipping, so you can have it overnighted for four bucks! (if you don’t have Prime, beg publicly, someone here might have an open slot on their Prime account they could give you)

That 37" Vizio wouldn’t be bad at all. If there are other reasons you want to go with a 32" instead, then you need to decide if you need 1080p or not, though I’m assuming you do for gaming reasons, because most TV’s at that size and smaller are 720p instead.

I just went through this myself. Good luck!

I am not worried about getting 1080p on such a small screen.

I guess I am just bargain hunting.

In that case, you should be able to find a cheap 32" 720p TV in the $300-350 range. Vizio isn’t a bad choice in that category, as the alternatives are stuff like Emerson, Sanyo, and various store brands.

Dell Home has Vizio 37" VA370M 1080p LCD HDTV for $429 (or $416 w/ DPA) with Free Shipping.

Yeah. If that’s the case, some of the Dynex units that Best Buy sells are fairly well-regarded for budget models.

But definitely go look at them in person.

Then you should check dealnews or techbargains until something catches your eye. They have like 10 deals a day on 30"-ish T.V.s.

The, um…Insignia? brand that BB sells is pretty well reviewed. I was doing a ton of research on them a few months ago and from I understand and if my memory serves me right, the Insignias are rebranded Samsungs with less features.

I ended up buying a 32" Samsung for my home office / man cave and have been pretty pleased with it. The picture is excellent, but the audio leaves a bit to be desired. Voices tended to be too low on regular TV programing.

I was figuring I could get a 32 inch for now… and then when I have more money, I could go for the bigger version.

How big is ‘big enough’? I know it is subjective, but right now we have a Sony Trinitron 32" (fat TV… not flat/lcd/plasma/whatever). But I could have sworn I read once that going to a flatscreen HDTV isn’t a side-move when it comes to size. The 32-37" models being discussed here are in a sane price-range, making this more interesting…

This is correct. The screen area of an HDTV of a given diagonal is less than that of an SDTV of the same measurement. If you watch mostly wide-screen programming, the difference is not huge, as you would have lost a lot of area to letterboxing on your SDTV.

For 4:3 content, the difference is bigger.

Check out for some rough equivalency factors/charts to guide you in your decision. The thumbnail advice, for a 32" screen SDTV is to shoot for a 34" if you want to match screen area, or a 39" to match screen height, more or less.

Although, when it comes to TVs, there is no such thing as “big enough”. My 50" felt comically huge when I got it. Now… I wish I had a 60".

The cheapest 32" I’ve seen was $300, but that was a brand (Insignia?) I don’t know anything about. Sanyo and Emerson also make some cheap TVs, but I don’t think they are worth getting. That’s why Vizio is appealing - Walmart sells the basic 32" Vizio model (720p) for $368. You might be able to find it cheaper then that even. And Vizio is a solid mid-range brand from a quality and picture reputation standpoint.

dell canada has a 1 day sale of a 42" 1080p vizio for 699 today.

The Panasonic 152" 2160P 3D plasma would be nice too.

I keep reading this thread title as “MTV is dead”.

shakes fist for getting my hopes up like that

Vizio isn’t a terrible brand, but just be prepared to buy a new one if it breaks after the first year. The Vizio production strategy is basically to extend only a one year warranty with the initial purchase and then to make repair services so expensive that it makes more sense to just replace it outright.

Below 36", if you’re not sitting directly on top of the set, you probably don’t need to worry about 1080p.

You might check your local price club if you’ve got one - I routinely see brand named televisions in your proposed price range and size scope when I’m in Sam’s.