My Valentine's Ode to UT2004

Unreal Tournament
Two Thousand Four.
You bring back the game love
that we felt before.

Goo guns, shock balls,
rockets and flak.
I can sense your care
when they strike my back.

Some may think
it is just a small trifle,
but you brought back
the good sniper rifle.

You give so many ways
to go zipping around!
But I don’t feel defenseless
when stuck on the ground

When I take a Manta,
and score a Pancake,
my thirst for action
you surely do slake.

Onslaught, Assault,
and C T F, too.
Where do I start?
there’s so much we can do!

You now can claim it,
you aren’t just some clown.
You’re the one who truly
makes me Suck it Down.

I wrote one too.

Oh UT2004!
You freeze.
I fume.

The end.

That convoy level is fucking RAD.

Onslaught would be a lot more interesting
If the node next to your core
Was easier to defend
Because if you lose it
The other team respawns there
And you have no chance
If you somehow take it back
It just gets attacked again from two sides
The match ends before it ends
That sucks

Oh, yeah. I’m surprised everyone’s talking about Onslaught rather than the Assault level. Which is, IMHO, the best map in the demo by far. The triumphant return of Assault alone is enough reason to play UT2K4.

That didn’t rhyme. I guess I suck. :(

I just finished playing around with Onslaught and I agree that map makes it very hard for any team to stop momentum from opponents. Hopefully not every Ons map is like that.

So just change the way the Onslaught nodes connect.

You can’t spawn in nodes that are under attack, which helps some. The problem is that if you want to push back the other team, you need to attack several nodes at once. That requires pretty good organization, which you aren’t going to find with a pick-up game. Meanwhile, the team with momentum can play as a mob & still win.

Multiple connections to the last base might help. Maybe opening the attacking team’s other nodes to attack when they are attacking the base? There’s probably a small tweak or two that would give the losing team a better chance.

It is winter now
As I shed not tears, but my
Bright digital blood

I haven’t scored a good pancake yet. Very tough to pull off.

Nor can it be done if one of your node isn’t connected. As it stands for the demo map, each node is connected to only two, so its impossible to make multiple attacks. I’d be curious to see what happens when one were to connect all nodes to each other (minus power cores to each other, of course). Seems like it would turn into Battlefield 2004 right quick.

Only, you know, more energetic.

Multiple connections to the last base might help. Maybe opening the attacking team’s other nodes to attack when they are attacking the base? There’s probably a small tweak or two that would give the losing team a better chance.

I’d kind of like to see the nodes connected to power cores unspawnable by the opposite team, or unspawnable period (but not remove teleportation functionality). This would ease up on the defending team, force the attackers to strike at multiple fronts, but still give the attacking side 3 (on the demo map) locations to attack from.

Alright, I’m a hardcore FPS player. I’m good at Planetside and BF1942. I’m not old, my reflexes are still good.

I can’t for the life of my play this UT2K4 demo worth a shit, because it just moves so damn fast that I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Yet, despite all this, on that Assault map I just played, I got a score of “15”, which was somewhere in mid range of the people on my team, despite the fact that I didn’t think I killed anyone at all!

Assault might automatically give you points for completing the objective.

Also, using WASD to help with aiming has always been key for me in FPS’s, Xpav. I’d try playing deathmatch first and learning how to double jump (space space, or tap one of the strafe keys twice). As long as you move the same way the bots do it isn’t too bad.

Onslaught rules my life.

Supertanker, is there a CoFR server for the demo? Where’s everyone playing? I’d love to frag the lot of you in some Onslaught.


I’ve played a few matches already where we came back from having no nodes to winning the match. The game is fast enough to mount a comeback. Its about timed assaults. Like for instance, when you have your back to the wall and they’re assaulting you’re power core… at least two or three should be working to get back that first node. Most matches people give up, at this point, thats stupid!


Just like most people here I’m enjoying UT2K4. Onslaught is fucking awesome.

Good job Epic.

Interesting … Speech Recognition in UT2004.

Also: Onslaught vehicle trick video and How to benchmark UT2004.

I went back and played for a few hours today (the poem was very inspirational). On smaller, more stable servers the game really improves. I have a hard time killing anyone with small arms, but the vehicles are fun. I think its the anti-planetside: fast, small scale, with small but satisfying goals (onslaught, assault).

I learned a good tactic for breaking the other team’s hold on your last node. You need to fly up to the top of the tower and get the Redeemer up there. It can kill a node in one hit, and the blast will kill everyone who just spawned around it. It is a nice way to take nodes during the battle, too, so a mini air-to-air and King of the Hill fight erupts at the top of the tower when both sides know this tactic.

Another little tip is to learn how to lock the AVRiL on targets. Alt-fire and hold when you get the green lock indicator, then fire. Hold the alt-fire until impact. I constantly see people missing with these, and if you fire within a certain envelope, you shouldn’t miss. Two or three rocketeers can knock out tanks in a few seconds.

And then you take the node, and you’re immediately under attack again from two different directions, both with close-by respawn points with a total number of vehicles twice that of your base. Your newly regained node soon dies again, as the node itself can’t be seen from any vantage point in your base, you can only approach it from one direction, and there’s no more Redeemer. And the opposing team can see the node before you can when travelling by foot, if for some reason their plethora of vehicles at the two adjoining nodes is exhausted.