My wife doesn't like The Office - divorce her?

I finally started watching The Office (the original, gloriously British one) a couple days ago. I got halfway through the second episode and was laughing at Gareth’s investigation into the “jizz-picture” of David Brent when I realized that this was so funny that I should share it with my wife. Share the show, not the jizz-picture.

Well last night we watched the first episode together. I was laughing as usual and I looked over at her and… deadpan. About 20 minutes into it and she looked at me and asked “You think this is funny?”

So now what do I do? I think I must divorce her.

Sounds like a good idea, throw away your marrage over a tv show :roll:

My wife is same with Arrested Development. She’ll laugh at it occasionally, but mostly she doesn’t seem to get why I love it.

Mind you, she’s not really a TV person.


  1. You should have made this a poll.

  2. Next time she’s watching something ask her why she likes it in a tone that says “You’re a fucking idiot if you think this is decent TV”.

  3. ?


My wife had the same problem with Curb Your Enthusiasm. In fact I think she said the exact same thing: “You think this is funny?”

So I hit her.

She started laughing after that, lemme tell you.

(real answer: I just watch teh comedy mostly on my own. She’s French, so she doesn’t get any humor that doesn’t involve Jerry Lewis making stupid faces at chimpanzees.)

Next time she’s watching something that’s recorded he should take whatever it’s stored out and throw it out the window, along with his marrage :roll:

That’s weird. I have a friend who is both French and elderly and she loves Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I love The Office and Arrested Development, but Curb Your Enthusiasm falls squarely into the “You’re an idiot if you like this show” category.

He’s clearly making a joke. Not sure why you are taking it so seriously.


He’s clearly making a joke. Not sure why you are taking it so seriously.[/quote]
Today, the role of Gareth will be played by Ragnar Oppedal.

I’m so bad at trolling :(.

Edit: the Office is great though. Maybe your wife just needs to watch it some more? It didn’t really click for me with the first episode.

Extras > The Office. Seriously. Get thee to a torrent site, stat.

If you divorce her, you might be spending more of your time wanking off to porn instead of watching more of the Office.

Yeah, it takes a few episodes. Plus, she’s watching it with you nervously inwardly praying she’ll think it’s funny. You might have overhyped it, in that she’s expecting raucous comedy immedaitely instead of sublime, often uproarious humor after you invest yourself in the show a little bit. Myself, I didn’t start LOLing until maybe halfway through ep 2.

Off to digitaldistractions I go!

As far as the marriage goes, I now remember that divorce is wrong.

I think I’ll have her quietly “disappear” instead.

I always found that The Office is only funny in retrospect. At the time I’m watching it, I’m just cringing, and not really laughing. Once its over, I’ll find myself giggling about it, as I replay it in my head. Conversations with others who have seen the same episode, ends up in tears of laughter.

Same with my wife and Curb. She couldn’t get through half an episode, and she’s not French. Now, though, we don’t have a problem, because I fell off the Curb bandwagon after that self-absorbed “I know, I’ll star in The Producers!” last season. Still going to check out the new season in September, but last year was really disappointing.

Yeah, that was kinda what I experienced although in the end I’m not that big of a fan of the Office. Extras isn’t too bad.

My wife had the same reaction to the Office, but then loved the U.S. version. Maybe it was the accents that threw her.