- tile-based homepage in the cloud & free

If you’ve never used as a tile-based, platform-agnostic homepage, you should give it a shot. Their update today allows users to upload custom icons. I edited the qt3 logo from the main page & squished it into a box for icon purposes:

This is how I have it set up:

It’s good on the PC but it’s wonderful on the iPad, and I like how the interface is consistent from device to device.

(You folks have known me long enough to know that I’m not shilling, right? Is this disclaimer necessary?)

Do these sorts of sites last without annoying monetization that drives people away?

I do this same thing with “Speed Dial 2” on Chrome but this might be nice to share between devices. I’ll check it out.

rei, I’ve used this for a little over a year. Their old business model was to get paid from “advertisers”: Facebook paid $x for to provide a facebook icon for users. No money from advertisers meant no icon, but did provide about fifty generic icons for users to customise their own startpage. Not sure how they’re going to be earning money now.

It’s finally happened-- now people are even referring to web pages as cloud-based.

The icons that I created are being hosted online. Is this not cloud-based?

They’re files on a smegging server. “The cloud” is what people who don’t know how to set the time on their microwave call a server.

No, in this case, "cloud’ doesn’t fit.

Okay, okay, yeesh.

You’re telling me that the time on your microwave isn’t 12:00?

the microwave and vhs recorder interface are awnfull