I didnt see a thread that had been started about this game, but if there is one, I apologize.

Has anyone purchased/played MySims? My wife and I were thinking of picking it up. She really likes the “traditional” Sims and Sims 2 games, and we both enjoyed Animal Crossing. However, I see the reviews tending to hang around the 7 of the 7-9 scale. (and 7 on some sites that say a 7 is a good score).

I know the lack of any multiplayer will be frustrating, but do the creative elements make up for it?

I picked it up but have only played it a few hours because of all the other games I also picked up.

I like it, but it’s really not that similar to either The Sims or Animal Crossing. Basically all you do is build things. Talking to people is only a way to a) collect essences, which you need for building, and b) get more orders to build things. And aside from walking around talking to people, all you do is collect essences.

There are some cute interactions between Sims, but basically you should only buy this if you really want to spend a bunch of hours building houses and furniture.

At least they do not piss on the floor in this one, right?

(Full disclosure note: I work on The Sims)

Bob is right, the Wii version is very deliberately focused on creativity with blocks. Your Sim does various activities and explores the world meets other Sims to get more things for this creativity tool. We wanted to innovate for the Wii and I think its fair to say some folks like that and some folks dont.

The DS is a slightly different beast, we wanted a very accessible and extremely laid back little world to wander around in, building on our learnings of what worked on previous Sims handheld games. I am particularly proud of how great the DS version is, most of the devs teams kids are hooked on it.

With both titles they are deliberately designed for a very broad audience of all ages so you shouldnt expect a hardcore set of challenges or involved social game.

Sales are pretty fantastic :)