mySQL front-end, graphing, etc

So I’m playing with mySQL more now - I like it.

What I’d also like is some tools, both for database management, and to analyze the data within my tables.

On the DB management side, my host has a decent web based package (phpMyAdmin), but it might be nice to have a client-side app for somewhat easier/more responsive table browsing, modification and backups.

On the data analysis side, I’d like to be able to run certain standard queries, graph results, etc. This could be nice on the client side, or as something that runs on the web and that I could access via a web page.


Navicat! I used it when I wrote my thesis about federated DBs using a bunch of mySQL installs.

It’s not free, but you get a trial period.

mySQL-Administrator and mySQL-QueryBrowser work nicely for remote administration.

They are available from the mySQL web page…