Mystery Films

Lately I’ve really been getting in mystery films, something I probably picked up from my dad. Just seems like they’re aren’t that many made now. In the 1990s and early 2000s, there were plenty of decent mystery and whodunit films - Blood Work, The Usual Suspects, Memento, LA Confidential, Seven… Hell, even The Big Lebowski was a great mystery movie.

So what are your favourites? I’m familiar with most of the classic - Rear Window, The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Dial M for Murder, M, and Double Indemnity. I guess looking for the less well known stuff I guess.

Anyway, what are your favourites?

Wild Things. The Game. Miller’s Crossing wasn’t too bad.

Try The Thin Man.

Wild Things? Really? Really?

Loved The Game.

Will give Miller’s Crossing a try. Have seen The Thin Man. Forgot to list it, sorry.

Edit: Miller’s Crossing must be the only Coen Bros. film I haven’t seen. Blood Simple was fantastic.

Besides the ones already mentioned: Detour. Sleuth. The Long Goodbye.

Don’t listen. Miller’s Crossing is one of the best films ever made. Don’t miss it. I’d also recommend The Third Man and Miami Blues, though Miami Blues is more a modern noir than a true mystery.

Edit: Ooh, ooh! And The Grifters.

I’ll second that. Easily in my top 5 all time greatest movies.

“Don’t smart me. When you smart me it rooones it.”

Have you seen Brick? That’s another good one.

I’ve been on a Noir tear lately, and there’s some great stuff from the seventies, although the mystery is often only incidental to the plot. “Night Moves” and “The Long Goodbye” I’m looking at you!

But if you haven’t seen the “French Connection” movies those have a pretty strong plot.

Third it. Miller’s Crossing is my favorite film ever. And I’m not even that big of a Coen Brothers fan, but just, everything about that movie is awesome. Acting, writing, visuals, style. It’s just about a perfect film.

Kiss Me Deadly
The Third Man

Thanks for the recommendations so far. Brick was great. That said I’m not specifically looking for noirs - any mystery will do.

What’s the rumpus?

The Name of the Rose
Devil in a Blue Dress
Dark City
Gosford Park

Yah. Really.

The Conversation
Three Days of the Condor
Memories of Murder (Korean)
The Spanish Prisoner

I’m sick of getting the high hat!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I feel confident in recommending Presumed Innocent from…well from the early 90’s. There you go.

Another contributor that didn’t read the original post.

I have a soft spot for Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile.

To Live and Die in LA?

Movies about me? Well, there’s that one I posted on Youtube a while back where I experiment with thongs and not shaving my butt for 38 years.

Is that the one in which you were interested?

Don’t watch the film The Name of the Rose unless you want to have ruined one of the greatest mystery novels ever written.

Definitely check out Miller’s Crossing.
Zero Effect
I didn’t mind Rising Sun

the main classics have already been mentioned…

edit: LA Confidential
Wlid Things is actually pretty fun, definitely watch through the credits though.

Strange Days
Angel Heart
Body Heat
Dark City
The Big Easy
DOA (either version, both worth seeing)
Farewell My Lovely (1975 version with Robert Mitchum as a better Phillip Marlowe than Humphrey Bogart.)
Third Man
Touch Of Evil