Mystery Films

My cousin has both the book and the movie. That’s one thick book though. Small print. About monks.

Does Fletch count?

I also have very fond memories of Manhattan Murder Mystery. Another comedy though, and I’m not sure you’re looking for that. (Also don’t know if it hold up as I haven’t seen it since the theatre.)

It’s not strictly film, but I’d list the first season of Twin Peaks as something that really knocked me out as far as mysteries are concerned.

Insomnia–the original 1997 Norwegian film is very good.

I recall Primal Fear being strong as well, if a bit campy.

Session 9 is incredibly creepy, and not for everyone, but I dig it. Not sure it really qualifies as a mystery per se, though.

If you’re into documentaries, Brother’s Keeper and Paradise Lost have great mystery elements in them.

For all its flaws, man I love The Big Sleep. I’m glad you listed that. I end up watching that every year or so just because I cannot stay away from it. Yeah, in some ways it is impenetrable, but it’s just so goddamn rich.

“I’ll have a Bloody Mary, and a steak sandwich…and a steak sandwich please.”


Seek out a copy of The Last Seduction directed by John Dahl, starring Linda Fiorentino and Bill Pullman: it’s amazing.

Back in the day, I really enjoyed the movie “Shattered.” More of a thriller than a true mystery, but it was pretty darn neat, and surprised me at the end.

Plus it’s got Berenger – how can you not love that!!!

I just saw The Lady from Shanghai last year for the first time and enjoyed it, and it ties in with Manhatten Murder Mystery as well. See the Welles film first if you’re going to see the Woody Allen movie.

And you might as well delve into the whole black and white film noir movies from the 30’s-50’s, Double Indemnity, etc. They’re all enjoyable in the right mood.

Oh, and of course the best movie of all time, The Big Lebowski, is a bit of a send up of noir films.

Not a huge mystery fan, but I wanted to second tiggercut on the DOA nod. The 1949 version is even public domain.

DOA is good. You just have to be ready to suspend your disbelief a little bit around the main conceit.

And also, be able to ignore the “sexy slide whistle” that plays every time the main character looks at a hot girl in the first half hour of the movie.

I enjoyed Dead Again back in the day, though I don’t know how well it’s aged: not a mystery per se, but you seem to have a flexible definition. [Some of the movies listed I consider suspense thrillers, not mysteries per se.] If you’re willing to consider TV movies / mini-series, I always enjoyed the Prime Suspect series - Helen Mirren FTW. Heat of the Sun was not a great mystery series, but I loved the setting (1930s Africa) and most of the cast.

Just watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. Not at all what I expected, but it was a fun watch.

I was just going to recommend that one.

I thought Memento was pretty fun if you haven’t seen it. It’s interesting to watch.

The Jacket wasn’t too bad either.

Hey, awdougherty beat me to it, but if you haven’t seen Zero Effect, it’s worth your time as a mystery. It’s a pretty fun updating of the whole Sherlock Holmes legend, seven percent solution and all.

Memories of Murder (Korean)

^^ That movie is so good. I bet there are probably only 5 people on QT3 that have seen it.

The Big Sleep

Humphrey Bogart being himself and Marlowe. A really nifty movie. This is also the first movie where he is paired with Lauren Bacall and you can tell why the studio wanted that to continue.

These are the taglines according to IMDB:

“The type of man she hated . . . was the type she wanted !”

“The Violence-Screen’s All-Time Rocker-Shocker!”

“The picture they were born for!”

It’s all that and more.

House of Games. Great Mamet flick.

I’m one, and I have to agree. They should have given that film some more exposure outside Korea in the wake of The Host’s success.

Don’t do it, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on for weeks.

I’m going to add my voice to the “Miller’s Crossing is Awesome!” crowd, even though it isn’t a standard mystery movie (just a noir mob film with a nice and twisty plot). I don’t think I need to say any more about this film because I’m one of many who love it.

I’ll also second Deathtrap, which is what some people call a “Who’ll Do It.” It starts off seeming like a boringly cliche and predictable murder mystery/suspense, and then turns everything on its head a good three times by the time you finish. Very fun.

There are more than I haven’t thought of yet. I saw In The Name of the Rose a long time ago and remember liking it, but it was too long ago for me to be too confident in my recommendation - I had to be like 12 or 13 when I saw it. M is a great old German noir film, and Dial M for Murder is obviously a classic, but these have all been mentioned before.

The Life of David Gale has some good moments and a strong mystery at its heart.

Speaking of Session 9 which I have NOT seen, here is a bit from imdb on it:

Plot Keywords: Wheelchair / Rape / Death / Graveyard / Baby

I think I need to see this now

Hell yeah on both of those. Unless you hate Michael Caine.