Myth 3

After a lot of positive comments in various RTS threads I dug out my old myth3 to play. However on my PC (xp) the mouse is super slow and jumps around and moves very jaggedly. Thats just on the menu screen and doesnt seem to be affect by the resolution setting. Anyone know how to get around or fix this?


Myth3 had serious issues with XP at release so ymmv. Try the latest fan patch -Link. It will require you to register before downloading.

Hold on, positive comments for Myth3? Myth 1 and 2 were super dooper awesome, but after Bungie sold the rights, I heard the third went downhill (so I decided to pass).

Thanks for the info.

Was just generic “myth” references. No specfic number. And its the only myth I have. Only noticed it today. Thought id give it a whirl.

The single-player campaign was decent. However, the Gamespy multiplayer interface was utter crap compared to the old That and the development team getting laid off before being able to do any refinement patches to the multiplayer pretty much killed it with the hardcore Myth crowd (myself included).

Myth 3 was a lot harder than the first 2 for some reason. I had to drop it down to easy difficulty, which effectively made it easier than the first 2.

It was kinda cool to play as the Fallen Lords when they were goodie humans.

I would have liked the Myth series 100 kabillion times more if my dwarves wouldn’t keep blowing my own guys up.

I mean, I know that’s part of the challenge, but years after finishing the first two games in the series that’s almost all I can remember (that, and throwing the guy’s head into the bottomless pit - that was So Awesome).

I found that I didn’t care much for the Myth 3 campaign, although the cutscenes were interesting, and I wanted to see how it ended (or rather, started).

I played all the way through Myth 1&2 (2 of my favorite games, and I’m not a RTS fan), but I ended up just using level access cheat codes to see the story for Myth 3. It definitely suffered from Bungie’s absence.

Also, even if you do end up liking Myth 3, you’ll want to have played the others first to avoid having major plot points spoiled.

I’ve noticed that a lot of older games (meaning, like, prior to 2004 or something) don’t like optical mice. If you’re using one, you might investigate that avenue as well.

EDIT: Read “a lot of” as “a few.” It’s Exaggeration Friday apparently.

The Myth 3 version on Gametap runs a great deal better in my XP build than the CD version. I never liked the game as much as the first two though. It just seemed like a lot of the style that I dug about the first two was gone (for obvious reasons).